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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

New UK wide Epidemic?

Tesco Blight.

One of the reasons for seeking mass immigration into The UK, or wherever, is the classic case of commercial greed for growth at any cost. The day will come when one shift of check out staff will hand over to the next, drop the uniform and then shop, check out and sign back on, ad infinitum. The future will be legions of Eloys stretching into the distance of some wasteland waiting their turn to check-out or shop.
On a trip into Tenbury Wells today I was horrified to see the Tesco planning application which included the demolishing of a listed building to make way for yet another monstrous temple to mammon. Not content with pissing all over major conurbation society they now are desperate to rape the rural outposts with their unethical practices of animal welfare neglect, commercial bullying and general Bilderberger driven nastiness. Hands up, we shop at Tesco because it is easier but Mrs OR is adamant about trying to source meats and local produce whenever possible. Naturally it is more expensive because the underhand manipulation and trickery of the big players doesn't operate in small local stores and butchers. Just think of this, however, every new Tesco store opening is the death of a hundred pubs, clubs and local shops. When the rot is complete you will be forced to pay their demands without any option. A horrible future looks guaranteed.


  1. I work for one of the big 4 supermarkets but I can honestly say I hate Tesco and would never work for them.

    They are incredibly dangerous and don't give a toss for any town regardless of what their PR machine might say.

  2. And of course they've got that way by herding us through the door using men with whips....or alternatively you could carry on use the local butcher, baker and candlestick maker you obviously think we should be using.

    They only got where they are 'cos we put them there. Blame yourself, not them.

  3. John R is quite right. All it takes is for people who can see the dangers, particularly to local shops and the wider food supply industry, to stop going in there. Don't be complicit. You have a car (which I don't) and the internet. You'd be amazed how many alternative places there are if you start actively looking rather than doing the 'easy thing', traipsing round an edifice designed to make you part with more money than you want to spend.

    And as for the myth that supermarkets are cheaper, they really should be done for false advertising.

    Sorry to erupt on to your blog, but this issue really gets my goat. It's as if people become helpless in the face of TescoLogic, roll over and say kick me.

  4. Whooooh! I am guilty of being manipulated along with billions of others. I don't like it but they are very, very persuasive. Thinking people try, even if they might fail.

  5. Many shop at the big four because of supposed convenience, yet when I shop in my town (mercifully devoid of a big supermarket) it takes me a scant half an hour, whereas the same task can take over an hour at the damn super market! It is usually cheaper and of superior quality when purchased in town. Combine that with having to park so far away it seems that you're in the next county, screaming kids pestering indifferent parents and the ever present menace of trolley rage and it's a wonder that these places are still in business! Yet survive they do and flourish, largely beause we have bought into the lie of convenience and 'value for money' (appalling phrase!)
    We need to do something before we wake up to "Tesco's Government, because every little helps"
    ...I'm going to stop now before I start shouting...

  6. Atlas - under the impression you WERE shouting old horse! (particularly towards the end)

    While I have considerable sympathy with all the above comments, I would offer the following as a thought: I am well stricken in years and can remember, with startling clarity, the distinctly off-hand service offered in many of the now lauded small independent shops when I was a younger man. One would queue for bloody ages behind a line of people all of whom would be treated with deference and/or smirking familiarity, all of which vanished once I managed to get to the counter. I would be given the crappiest vegetables (no sorting your own out in those days), and the change would be slapped on the counter ignoring my out-stretched hand. I was not rude, I did not smell, my clothes were neat and often freshly laundered. But I did not BELONG to the little coterie you see.

    Now, when I go to Tesco I am met by smiles, people meet my eyes and ask if they can be of service. Yes they may have been trained to do this but it works. Now the pissy little shops have to match this level of service in order to survive and people either forget, or never experienced, the appalling standards that used to prevail.

    Just a thought.

  7. Caratacus and all, Rabby hits the nail on the head. The level of attention in supermarkets, driven by their fellow competitors, is very pleasant. The danger, eptitomised by Tesco in particular, is the future raison d'etre is full control of our shopping habits. When that point is reached the scenario I painted comes into existence. "We haf ways of making you eat shit" will be the mantra. As for not using them at all, not impossible but there is a psychological "whip" and a very efficient one, John R!

  8. A full blown Tesco in Tenbury Wells, ye god. This is the firm that is complaining about being impeded in bringing in 200 shop managers from India. It seems that despite all the UK graduates struggling to find work none are suitable to be a shop manager. Something very odd is going on.

  9. "Something very odd is going on."
    It seems a great deal has been put in place prior to Labours' defeat, Demetrius. Leaving us all with a very nasty legacy.