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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Needs Must

Time To Stand Up?

Millipede Senior's late night viewing as he is crowned?

Sue, from Muffled Vociferation, asked me who in this Coalition might replace Snotty as my target for serious criticism. Like many of us she is disappointed with the state of the world and The State of an EU political machine that is so scary.
Well, this morning I visited the atrociously biased and BBC like banner snapshots which feature on PoliticalHome. Now this dreadful blog is very useful but is so, so left as to be "1984" in its choice of material. In today's reading I found the most ignorant and stupid, amnesia driven claptrap from the left, so beloved of that ilk of ignorance. Cuts are unnecessary is the cry. McShane, that doyen of the ignorant promotees of socialism, screams 1930's depression due to cuts; Murphy, from Tax research UK, whinges about the truth of the expense of University provision; minnows like Luke Akehurst and BevaniteEllie get frequent exposure. That is just a very small example of the massive grip the Left still hold over our media and our lives. Blatant propaganda, convenient memories and a total inability to recognise the mess left in 1979 was just a taster for the wasteland left us all this year, 2010.
I do feel better this Labour Government is gone and pray never to return. However their nastiness, chip on the shoulder, creators of poverty of spirit, sink estate filth and decay, still stalks us all. So, I shall give this Government the benefit of the doubt for some time. Meanwhile urging all decent, sensible, caring Conservatives, to embrace a new style of right wing common sense which has no truck with the depraved stupidity of socialist dogma and its law of unintended consequences that has made the lives of their core voters and their hovels worse than ever Baroness T. ever did. Quite the opposite. Now, as for socialism, check out Mandleson, Bliar, Hodge, Prescott, The Kinnocks and so on. How much of their ill gotten wealth gets re-distributed? Not a fraction of the likes of Lord Ashcroft, that's for sure and he didn't need our tax income to furnish his lifestyle, did he?
So, my ire and utter dislike of the left and socialist stupidity, blindness and dogma led envy will remain this Oldrightie's mission for some time to come. 13 years of decay and greed has left us exactly what? It must never be forgotten. Nor should Dr. David Kelly, Alistair 'Rasputin' Campbell , Bliar and Snotty's gift of decades of debt to come. As I've said elsewhere, how long should we blame The Left and Labour for the mess and war bequeathed us all? Minimum, until our Grandchildren make us great grandparents. It will be their lives that will still be blighted.


  1. Someone might present themselves as an interesting target. But who? It isn't obvious at the moment. I recall when John Stonehouse was the Great Hope of the Labour Party when they should have gone for Dr. Edith Summerskill.

  2. I think you're right. It's going to take a very long time to clear up the mess that Labour has left behind. I'm sure the coalition doesn't know where to start! It's doing the right thing at the moment. Telling Rompey Pompey to f*ck off and getting rid of ID Cards for British Nationals.

    I have witnessed all the handwringing about loss of jobs but lets be serious here, they are public sector jobs and most of them are jobs specifically created by Labour to bring the unemployment numbers down. It was the only way they could disguise the figures!

    The benefits system has to be next and of course education and the law.

    The Underclass

    Perhaps you could pick on old Rompuy, he's certainly not The Slogs favourite person at the moment...