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Friday, 4 June 2010

More BBC.

Now The Literary Agent For Labour?

This deplorable man is everywhere on The BBC. As I lie in bed recovering from a weird attack of some allergic reaction last evening, all I see and hear is this unelected pal of Bliar. Apart from telling us how wonderful he thinks he is there is no mention, ever, of the deaths for which he was very much responsible for. What is there to be said that in anyway retains my desire not to launch into a foul mouthed but deserved rant against these ghosts of the past.
Well done Downing Stret for refusing to share a platform with this evil, alcoholic, pornographer.


  1. He just can't seem to help himself. There's something psychologically wrong with him. He should quietly sneak away and go and do something else. Nobody wants to hear his lies anymore.

  2. The garden looks beautiful OR so give Mrs OR my congratulations. That reminds me I've still two hanging baskets to do.

    As for Campbell, he's a leech. Sucks the blood out of anyone he meets.

    Don't ever read his books - they're dreadful.

  3. Oh I meant to say hope you're feeling better now. I know for sure it couldn't have been good Scottish beef which caused a reaction. ;)

  4. Captain Haddock4 June 2010 at 17:29

    Sorry to hear that you're unwell OR .. hope you'll be on the mend soon ..

    As for this odious creature, whet else can one expect ? .. the man is a "Campbell" .. there's an old soldier in my Town who travels around in a motorised wheelchair .. on the back of which is a printed sign, saying .. "No Dogs, No Cats, No Campbells" ..

    Says it all really .. the cretin should be serving hard time ..

  5. Such kind greetings, thank you. Also I love the incisive comments as to Campbell Kellykiller's nature. Odious doesn't come close.

  6. Would've made my day if Boulton had've gone the whole hog & put him on his back.
    Stunning garden btw.

  7. this evil, alcoholic, pornographer.
    Why hold back? Go on, say what you really think!

  8. Labourloather, Boulton knows this guy privately and loathes him. Kelly inquiry might see him in court yet. Mrs R. trust me, I'm holding back.

  9. Oh, joyous day!

    It seems that the new gummint is going to reopen the inquiry into Dr. David kelly's death, and is set to release the documents that Hutton required to be kept secret for another seventy years.

    Does that make you feel good, Ali, me old mucker?

    I have a blunt gardening knife and a few cocodamol ready for you, free of charge.

  10. The high-pitched squeaking noises you can hear at the moment are emanating from the tightening sphincters of Campbell and Bliar, OR.

    Hope you're feeling better soon and the garden looks great, mate.

  11. Thank you all for your kind wishes. Back to normal! Well, as normal as an oldrightie ever can be!