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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Might Of Spite?

Great To Read Of Another Duffing!

Hat tip to Caron's Musings, for highlighting last night's Commons debate, led for the Coalition by Danny Alexander. Note yet another example of MSM subtle bias. Hammered him on his first outing then this wonderful stuff gets ignored. Well done Caron.
Of many nuggets, this was my favourite;

"Compare their complacency with our responsibility. Compare their legacy of ruin in the public finances with our approach of fairness as we take steps to clean up the mess that they left. Compare their obstinate refusal to take unilateral action in introducing a banking levy with our resolute leadership, which not only delivered a levy but brought France and Germany along with us too. The Opposition would have us living in denial. Their approach to the deficit seems to be see no deficit, hear no deficit, speak no deficit. One Opposition Member even told us in today's debate that they believed the deficit was a fantasy. It is such self-indulgence and complacency that led us into the mess we are in. The way that they got us here is not the way out."

On top of this we have Orde spouting off. As I remark on the sidebar, this was always his future function in return for Labours' largess to his personal career and bank account. That is to rise like the Russian sleepers in America, to wreak as much damage on The Government as possible. Problem is, it was not meant to be a coalition!!!

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