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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Labours' Leadership Jamboree.

A Farce In Three Acts.

Act One.
Snotty is forced out by the hatred of The Populace. The leader of the orchestra, in the pits, is Peter Pederast whose rousing encore is the presentation of Snotty's nemesis, Banana man.
Act two.
The whole discredited, bullying cabal that is this comedy theatre's full cast of cast offs, meet furtively to ensure the play gets staged regardless of potentially disastrous reviews. The show must go on. The line up is finalised. Jedward agree to lend dramatic licence by appearing to oppose each other. Senior Jedward promises untold riches and a very senior post for Jedward minor in the next production of Labour's farce. Darling and others, relishing opposition salaries, offices and a semblance of the privilege they once abused before, queue for auditions.
Act Three.
Jedward Banana is crowned king of The Marxist Rump and moderated Labour man of the century. Hilary Clinton is summoned to attend the coronation and Tony Bliar re-joins the merry band of wandering but filthy rich players and minstrels. The yellow brick road of banana skins stretches out into a distant gathering storm of obscurity.



  1. I would put a fiver on you being bang on the nail OR. Aren't they a pathetic bunch.

  2. Captain Haddock2 June 2010 at 17:43

    I understand that the "curtains" are being donated by a certain Mrs Bercow ..

    I'm reliably informed that she has a pair of "plush-lined" ones going spare ..

  3. They are, Subrosa, they are! Captain H., Mrs Bercow was apparently quite adept at backstage antics at one time. With or without curtains!!

  4. Captain Haddock2 June 2010 at 20:10

    Apparently (according to informed sources) Mrs Bercow is quite happy to donate the short-length curtains to anyone who can make full use of them ..

    As her vertically challenged husband is experiencing some difficulty in reaching up to open & close them ..

  5. Brilliant! More please!! :)