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Monday, 28 June 2010

Journalism Today.

I Know I Go On But..........

A wonderful summer continues marred only by the insufferable chatterati. After a 19 hour day of hard work and terrific socialising, I felt very pleased with the world. Overshadowed somewhat by the Afghan situation and the endless BBC and chatterati's know all smugness. Now for several years, bloggers, led by Guido warned of the impending financial doom that was only reported on as Labours' and the Western World's head honchos played out the only fools and horses strutting waltz of incompetence with their chosen Bilderberger bankers. This same solid opinion is available on many, many levels.
This morning I stole 20 minutes to peruse my untouched Sunday Times of yesterday. Now, just as with many issues, bloggers, including myself, forecast the abject failure of the English team of geriatrics. Not The MSM. Oh no. Cheap punditry, crap souvenirs and all the paraphernalia of the UK's army of thicko journalists. From war to sport, bloody awful, in the main. Poor prose, useless grammar and empty rhetoric regurgitated with chatterati smugness. It was quite hilarious, scanning 6, yes 6, full broadsheet pages of how England were assured of a great win if they played as they all pretended to know, whilst knowing the outcome. Another myth to sell tat, more crap, false optimism and expensive vain hope. Still we bloggers did say, didn't we. How today's journos can look in the mirror, is a mystery indeed. We are far better served elsewhere, we really are.


  1. As a Glaswegian I'm sorry England are out. I'd have liked them to win the Cup.

    I can't speak for all my fellow citizens. There is an Irish-themed pub in this city which was draped with German flags yesterday. It reminded me of the story of how de Valera offered condolences to the German embassy in Dublin on the death of their Chancellor in 1945.

    Or is that story a myth?

  2. In all our societies and nations, Jim, there are very good,quietly great people. You're one of them.

  3. Jim, thank you for thoughtful words. As an Englishman I can say that the best TEAM won. As fine an example as one could wish to see of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

    Ref: de Valera, my understanding is that he did offer his condolences to the German Ambassador in Dublin but it was against the advice of his advisors. He and Churchill had words apparently...

    We have to remember that despite Eire's neutrality in WWII many brave southern Irish men fought and gave their lives. Not sure who makes the best warriors actually - Scots or Irish! (I've fought both in karate full contact competitions and would not be keen to repeat the experience).

  4. Yet how the MSM worm turned. The Suns full page headline today


  5. Worm, indeed, banned! Caratacus, remind me to try very hard to stay friends!!

  6. Thank you gentlemen for your good wishes.
    Caractacus, that's true of course of many citizens of what is now the Republic.
    I have fought only Scots in my time, and not at karate either. That said, they'll try any manoeuvre to overcome the height disdavantage they tend to have against non-nationals, frequently successfully.

    My father - not a tall man - was very good at fighting Nazis to beyond the point at which they might have later remembered who the winner was. But then he had a big self-propelled gun and a special hunting licence from Mr Churchill.

    I never had those advantages, or such deserving opponents.

  7. Good to see that after all this time, the Germans still enjoy a good slaughter.