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Monday, 14 June 2010

It's Now A Coalition Conflict.

The New Era And Afghanistan.

The Americans swapped Bush for Obama, we Brits swapped Snotty's awfulness for a Coalition and David Cameron. It is my belief that neither of these Governments or Nations is as enamoured of the war in Afghanistan as were their predecessors. Thus I regard the current environment as a new era. Like many, though not all, matters the Coalition UK Government have so far done or indicated, I support wholeheartedly. Each MSM mention of "The Government" no longer fills me with dread, as it has so justifiably for the preceding 13 years. No more inadequate and intellectually challenged Ainsworths and Prescotts to fret over.
However Afghanistan and it's death toll continues, if anything, with a greater intensity of fighting and a growing, eerie and inevitable repetition of The Russian and previous historical campaigns, in this blighted land.
It is fair to remember that both leaders inherited this conflict but it is now up to them to change course dramatically. I am certain talks are already clandestinely happening and bribes getting ever more large and enticing. Yet none of this will be made public for fear of the outcry that would ensue. This is wrong. The Taliban must be brought, via diplomacy and incentive, to the table, with up front funding sweeteners. These would never match the cost in money and lives this wretched conflict is costing. Sadly, too many vested interests in prosecuting this war are hell bent on preventing this. Many such individuals are at the heart of Government and their siren voices are the ones listened to and followed. Palpably not yours or mine. It really is time for the "new" era to stand up and be counted by bringing this heartache to a conclusion. As bad as The BP disaster is, it is of naught compared to this one.
The link discusses millions of non-violent but causal deaths from the war. Then there are over 1000 US troop losses, rapidly approaching 300 plus UK soldiers and many more coalition forces killed. Then there are the young lives cruelly ruined through terrible injuries. It is just not good enough for our new and able defense minister to say this very morning, "The Government will not lose our nerve in fighting The Afghanistan war despite budgetary and political pressures."
I am still to see any evidence of how this war is benefiting the safety of our streets or our way of life. Quite the opposite as Pakistan seek to de-stabilise India via Taliban support. We must get out and stop being ineffectual policemen to a 13th century culture. I await the PM's address to Parliament this afternoon with interest.


  1. It'll be years before any of the politicos admit they have/got this very, very wrong.

  2. We must never forget that there's an economic dimension to all of this: war is a reliable cash cow for the armaments industries - and all of the support services and providers. Iraq is a case in point. The ties between neocon politicians and associated industries is beyond dispute.

  3. Well - the PM addressed Parliament this afternoon and, while I accept that he has a far greater fellow feeling than that poseur Brown ever did for our forces in Afghanistan, I remain unconvinced as to why we're there. (Beyond the length of time it takes for politicians of all hues to extricate themselves from the smelly stuff without looking too bloody foolish). Faulksguy has a point, good one too - but I'm pinning my faith on the PM's basic integrity and sound judgement. Don't let me down.

  4. He will. It isn't about 'us', it's about 'them'. It took me years to realise this - mainly because I didn't want to believe it.

    The coalition's domestic policies are already letting us down, their euro policies are already letting us down. What gives us hope that the SDR in August will be any better?

    Meanwhile, they stand up in Parliament and make jokes.

  5. I have long believed the heckling etc that occurs in parliamentary sssions does not befit the purpose of the business at hand and is but a side show to confuse and confond the voters..time they grew up and did some real governing ...and got us the hell out of these aggresive wars..

  6. American geologists have discovered a hidden treasure trove of minerals in Afghanistan that could transform the fortunes of the war-scarred country.

    The untapped deposits - including huge veins of gold, iron, copper, cobalt and key industrial metals like lithium - have been valued at more than £820billion.

    US experts believe the find could turn Afghanistan from a bedraggled nation torn apart by generations of conflict into one of the most important mining centres in the world.

  7. The American geologists said that they had first been made aware of the potential mineral deposits by a small Irishman dressed in green who told them that the gold would be found at the end of a rainbow. Initial digs at the end of the first seven rainbows have proved very encouraging. In a surprise move Dickhead Cheney revealed that Haliborange Inc are in advanced discussions with President Khazi to help the Afghan people realise their true potential.

    What an absolute load of old bollocks. In the whole of recorded history there hasn't been a hint of of this in Afghanistan. And, now - as it's all developing into another military clusterfuck - behold! Sorry, must have forgotten to take my Gullible Pill this morning.

  8. A most rewarding mixed bag of responses. Thank you all. last year I posted a week or so's work on the financial aspects and profits of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I was aware of substantial iron ore finds and a humdinger of a competition for their rights. I was also aware of significant UK political individual connections to these conflicts for personal gains.
    GV, I understand your cynicism but time will tell. There must be more hope today than ever there was before May, for 13 years.