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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I Surrender!

Socialists Are Beyond Mocking.

As UNITE, (there's a misnomer,if ever there was one, should be "The Divide" Union) and the rest of the Union Gangster barons shape up, fueled by members hard earnt cash and Labour Government slush funds, it just proves how anyone can be wrong. My clarion call to mock Socialists and their cohorts was roundly criticised but in a very nice way, on the basis they just are too nasty, dangerous and unfunny to mock. As I listen to the chatterati salivating over union and labour attacks on a Government struggling to fertilise their scorched earth, I have to bow to my dear friends who commented on my post yesterday and admit, yup, Socialists not only lack humour in their grey, dull ordinary world, even their mega rich leaders are beyond a joke! Of course Bliar will not be affected by this budget in his many tax haven registered trusts.


  1. Love the last sentence OR!!

  2. Re: Budget Day. Where was the towering colossus who banished boom and bust? The man who saved the world? Come on - you know; clunking fist, son of the manse, shacked up with Prudence from the pickle factory...

    Hiding as usual. When the shit hits the fan, some men run and some men stay.

    Hosenscheisser. There are times when a German word is JUST the thing.

  3. They are all, to a man, (and I use that term loosely) without honour!

  4. Don't take it too much to heart OR; I fully understand and applaud your motives. Humour is my own default setting and it takes a fair bit to knock me off the perch but these buggers have done it. Can't remember who said it but, "Man alone among the animals both laughs and weeps, because he sees things not only as they are but as they could be".

  5. Captain Haddock22 June 2010 at 20:08

    Caratacus said...

    ... "Man alone among the animals both laughs and weeps, because he sees things not only as they are but as they could be".

    Man alone is also the only creature to grant the pernicious, parasitic & cancereous growths whom we laughingly call "Politicians" the power to ru(i)n the world ...

  6. Captain, I hesitate to take issue with so heartfelt an opinion and so pungently expressed! But is it possible that the power was not granted but taken by amoral and manipulative men from trusting and simpler folk?

    Perhaps most people would rather be led than remain self-reliant, in which case you are right again Captain!

    Much food for thought here...

  7. Atlas - very bloody loosely I trust!

    Politicians as a breed have little concept of honour. Indeed if they mention it at all I think of R.W. Emerson who said, "the louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons".

  8. Dear all, many, many thanks for entering into a debate on my last post and now this. My absence over 24 hours was me being an old fool and gassing myself with my petrol hedge trimmer! This was the third occasion in two weeks. Not very nice at all. Apparently carbon monoxide exhaust becomes trapped in the hedging and is then released as you move along. I'm now recovered and wiser! No fool like an old fool.
    Be careful out there!

  9. Captain Haddock23 June 2010 at 08:36

    Bloody hell OR ...

    Glad to hear that you're alright .. Must confess, I'd never heard of that hazard before .. but as I don't have a hedge to cut, I wasn't looking for it either ..

    Ever considered using this new-fangled stuff they're calling "Electrickery" .. or something like that anyway ..

  10. Captain Haddock23 June 2010 at 08:41

    Caratacus .. I can see where you're coming from here & it would indeed be an interesting debate ..

    I based my premise on the fact that a vote is "freely" given, thus putting some fool (of whatever stripe) into power ..

    What happens after said fool is in power is, sadly out of our hands .. or I suspect there would have been a national shortage of Lamp posts & Piano wire over the last 13 years ..

  11. Captain Oneofmyfavouritefish,this hazard is quite well known! Trickery is well worth consideration. Such kind concern and superb discussion. Caratacus, defender of our lands, you continue to inspire my little blog and gladden my heart. Mrs OR reckons it's doing well for having Labours' spooks withdrawn!

  12. Captain Haddock23 June 2010 at 10:10

    Well .. you live & learn, as they say OR ..

    Luckily, no permanent harm done ..

    The only "Hedges" I come into regular contact with is my Benson & Hedges "Mellow Virginia" Pipe tobacco ... Lol

    If you don't fancy the old trailing cable lark .. there are some very good re-chargeable hedge trimmers available too ..

  13. Thank you, kind captain! I suspect I shall revert to a nuclear fall out suit!!

  14. My dear OR, what can one say? Disturbed to hear of your brush with the Grim Reaper, gladdened to hear that you have cheated him of his prey for a little longer!

    As my aged Grandmother used to say, the Devil looks after his own. She used to assure me on this basis that I was assured of a v.good innings....

  15. Captain - ah good old piano wire; so much trickier to get tight than rope but so much more satisfying when the ungodly hurtle backwards out of the pillion seat clutching wildly at their false teeth. As for lamp posts, Sieben (my faithful hound) informs me that, like politicians, once pissed against they smell much like one to another.