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Sunday, 27 June 2010

A Glorious Summer Continues!

NGS Day!

As the day dawns, Oldrightie wakes to receive final orders for the Head Gardeners big day. This is Mrs OR's fourth year of opening for the National Gardens open for charity (NGS). I have to say, working on her behalf is quite an honour. Blogging is a struggle, just now but I enjoy some great friends and the odd enemy so I shall be back very soon! At the moment two pencils are propping me up over the keyboard as well as keeping my eyes open. Have a great day, whatever you are doing, the summer is just so beautiful!


  1. Good luck today, you will be crammed to the gills with people oooohing and aaaahing over the boss's magnificent work. I wish I could be there, just the photos make me ooh and aah.

    (You could raise some extra funds by having a football box - like a swear box but requiring 50p to be paid in by anyone who mentions football.)

  2. Jings OR, has your lady wife had you up all night hoovering the lawns and raking the pathways?

    Have a lovely day both of you. I know it will be a magnificent success.

  3. Enjoy your day OR (and Mrs OR). How proud you must be of what you have achieved. Between you me and the gatepost, Pigsy is well jealous. She has also remarked that she doesn't appear to have quite the same dedicated assistance, from her 'other half', as Mrs OR does ;-)

  4. I'm sure your day will be marvellous OR + Mrs OR.

    Can't remember who said it but "Gardens are a kind of autobiography". Your story is a good one.

    All the best,


  5. Blimey OR, any garden I've ever taken charge of has either turned into a spider filled wilderness or a failed tobacco experiment. Top marks to your good lady.

    Congrats to you and the Missus. I don't say this very often, but I'm actually well jealous ;-)

    Good luck!

  6. Hope it all went well, and both your efforts were appreciated by many.

    When you get back behind the keyboard there's a comment waiting for a reply.....

  7. I'm sending this from Malaysia, land of great beauty and death to all drug smugglers!

    It's amazing how quickly one misses the loveliness of an English garden.

    All the best OR and Lady OR!

  8. Beautiful summer! Enjoy your time in your wonderful garden with Mrs OR. :-)

  9. I am at a loss to thank all of you for your interest and good wishes. The day indeed went well and in no small measure to the comments and support, here on my little blog! Together we, that is my supportive followers as well as Mrs OR et moi, will, by July end, have raised in excess of £1000 for the NGS charities. Your generosity of spirit belies many of your own excellent blogs!! Then we do have a leftie world to combat.