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Thursday, 24 June 2010

As America Switches generals....

The UK Coalition Cling To One Strategy Born In The Oval Office?

This terrible picture shows the aftermath of Taliban attacks using sophisticated explosive devices our propaganda describe as "improvised". This is the same propaganda used to placate demands for withdrawal. I cannot find words to describe the horror of this or any war. I know that the Normandy beaches were every bit as awful as any casualties in this conflict. However, on that occasion a degree of moral justification existed. I regard the whole response to 9/11 has evolved exactly as the Islamic strategists envisaged. A long term decline of Western economic strength sapped by decades of wasteful fighting, fatalities and severe injuries, as the Bilderbergers jostle for whatever spoils of war they can garner for their own selfish greed. As for the propaganda about handing over to The Afghan Army of Karzai, I refer your attention, should it so desire to be diverted, to;
"The first step of the exit strategy was to transfer the burden of fighting the mujahideen to the Afghan armed forces, with the aim of preparing them to operate without Soviet help. Under Soviet guidance, the DRA armed forces were built up to an official strength of 302,000 in 1986. To minimize the risk of a coup d'├ętat, they were divided into different branches, each modeled on its Soviet counterpart."
Then the actual daily attitude of The Taliban is shown here,
What a mess and little sign of leadership and direction from anywhere. I am favourably disposed to our new Coalition crowd yet here they just as woefully lack imagination and courage as the incompetents who got us here. Whatever post 9/11 demanded, we failed to see beyond vengeance and recognise the long term goals behind that atrocity. As they unfold, our whole way of life is threatened, not by terrorism but genuinely powerful intellects outwitting our clumsy political establishment, enthralled with Bilderberger greed.
We should not be sacrificing our troops to this weakness, bring them home, other than via Wootton Bassett. That would be a courageous move.


  1. How right you are OR. For Obama to play silly games when thousands of his country folk are in the firing line in a war, shows the mentality of the man. What is it with socialists.

  2. Captain Haddock24 June 2010 at 10:51

    I think the answer to your question Rosie ..

    Is that Socialists are just as happy to squander other people's lives as they are to squander other people's money ..

  3. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it.

    There is NO justification for our presence in Afghanistan.

    The Taleban have never threatened our shores in the way that Al Quaeda have.

    Bring the boys and girls home and set them to defend the homeland...not die in screaming agony thousands of miles away in some shithole.

  4. I most definitely agree with all those thoughts. I learn via Richard's blog that 4 soldiers were killed yesterday on their way to rescue their comrades. 307 losses as the Taliban get ever stronger. A carbon copy of history.

  5. One thing you don't hear when the PM reads out the butcher's bill every Wednesday at PMQs is how many wounded are being brought back. I would estimate that for every one driven through Wootton Bassett another four are facing a life without sight or limbs or hearing. All because some dopey politicians are more interested in not looking foolish. Sorry - I'll rephrase that, not looking more foolish than they already are.

    I would so love the opportunity to have some of the Afghan War supporters, who are content to shine their arses on the green leather benches in the Commons, sent out on patrol in Nahr-e Saraj in heat that melts your boots, while energetic representatives of the local Fuck-the-West-Infidel-Brigade chatter away with the ever popular AK47. (Available in all good Pakistani street markets near you for about 30PKR. No VAT).

  6. I recall saying some years ago that America and The West would waste their blood and treasure on pointless wars in Islamic countries only to wake up and find that China has become Top Country; add India and Brazil as the up and coming competition, yet none of those are Moslem states.

  7. Great comments as ever, all. Banned, insightful and most interesting prescience. Why don't we such insight in representatives?