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Friday, 28 May 2010

Why Not MPs?

If Only They Were Punished As Harshly.

The bunch of misfits above might well be regarded as far worse than the poor chap in the linked article. Their families, pensions and lives are enhanced by their nasty behaviour, done without the pressures they have inflicted on the rest of us. For them pensions their are fantastic, payable now and cushy directorships come in twos and threes. So much for fairness and decency. Peter Harvey's level of punishment, almost certainly from a stress induced mental breakdown, is disgraceful. Sympathy and understanding for him and his family is distinctly lacking. Unlike the efforts made to protect criminals such as Huntley. What a mad, mad Country Labour have created. I doubt it is recoverable, even without them ever being in power again.


  1. Not forgetting the cleaner now doing time, when her (very senior Liebor politician) employer just got a fine....

  2. Microdave, I agree entirely. This cleaning Tongan was well and truly shafted by high and mighty Baroness (joke) Scotland.

  3. Where has Lord Hanningfield
    disappeared to? He was on the same charges as Morley and Co, but seems to have gone away.

  4. Is anyone starting a fund for the poor man? His union perhaps?

  5. Hanningfield is a tory.

    I doubt there'd be much union support for him from any quarter.