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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Why Ed and Dave Rarely Smile.

They Are Scared Of Comparisons!

(Sir) Michael Shirtlifter, Labour head of The BBC's socialist club, reckons these two sons of Marxism, will be just fine squabbling over the remnants of Snotty's legacy of incompetence. I shall watch with great interest, their attempts to not become the new "Chuckle brothers"! Of course Blinky is already chasing the sympathy vote over his stammer, such as it is and used to disguise his inarticulate presentation of greed. Well, some contest it will be. A bit like a sack race, whilst Dave and Nick disappear into the distance unencumbered by the old political sack cloths.
Joyous times.

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  1. The likeness is uncanny except these guys look cheerful!