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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Where Does An Oldrightie Go Now?

Wherever The Future Goes!

I refuse to be magnanimous about a man who has wrought such a terrible economic wasteland on our Country. Nor for a labour Party of ballot riggers and mass immigration gerrymanderers. As pleased as I am to see the back of them and the possible internecine warfare about to erupt, I shall relish their fall from power. I shall relish watching Balls flounder on the opposition benches and revel in how ordinary these incompetents will be seen for their real selves. Petulant, arrogant and unbearingly smug and superior in Office, I hope to see frustration and unhappiness on their faces as a coalition proves a harder target than a single opposition. I expect David Cameron to be a great PM and show Labour how poor has been their dire years in power. Long live a better world, freed, at least for the time being, from The Socialist mantra and pathetic self opinion. Furthermore, free from Peter Pederast's ugly visage.


  1. You can start with mentioning the one and only tory MP in Scotland didn't get the post of Scottish secretary.

    The reports are 'he's relaxed about it'.

    Anyone would be relaxed after a half bottle of malt wouldn't they? :)

  2. I will be looking out for tory manifestations of" Petulant, arrogant and unbearingly smug and superior in Office"
    A common feature of Labour Ministers when faced with evidence of their own failure (often using their own information) was to reply with a pat formulaic phrase denying, contradicting or just plain ignoring the question put to them.

  3. Me, too, banned, me too. Subrosa, let's see how the Union fares under a Westminster coalition. Labour did divert billions of our money to their "Friends up North" and buying postal ballots, after all!

  4. I also expect David Cameron to be a great PM.

    Now that the amazing sense of relief has been absorbed, where do we go now? So far as I am concerned, it is where radical localism goes. This is the best way to remove Labour poison and corruption; open everything up to the sunlight.

  5. Isn't the Opposition supposed to sit on the opposite side of the House and not on the shoulders of beholden 'winners'.

    Our minority Governmemt up here fights most of its battles on its own terms and political principle (usually very successfully) even with the continual uphill battle of a subversive MSM, a diametrically opposed majority at Westminster and their sabotage outfit in the so-called Scottish Office.

    Political light has still to shine into the battened down enclaves of our major cities up here that still cannot tell their poverty from their socialism. With the best will in the world I don't see Mr Clegg as back-up generator to Mr Cameron's (isn't that a good Scottish surname?)- light source. I think Mr Cameron will need plenty of his own spare batteries to stop him straying off his tricky path ahead.

    Love the dolphins!

  6. David Cameron is as sure a communist as any card carrying Fabian, and will be the predicator of the final economic and thus social and collapse in Britain.

    Lenin would be proud of this useful idiot of all useful idiots.

    God help us all.

  7. Marcellus, you may well be right. Clarinda, your inner city woes mirror ours. What is it that makes these people cleave to a Party that "Duffy's" all over them? Lee, que?!

  8. Care to expand on that, Lee?

    For the benefit of OR's readers.