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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

What We Really Want?

The Propaganda Still Remains The Bloody Same.

Am I alone in watching this school play go from bad to worse? Note the BBC's rapture at the continuing presence of Labour on the wooden, rickety stage. The measly words from Ashdown and Cable. If ever there was a case for voting for only 57 LibDum seats, these pair are the outright winners. Mandleson is in the pits prompting loudly the stumbling, gauche and pathetic kids on the boards above. The rare small bit of decent acting comes from the fleeting appearances of the Tories. Meanwhile in the real world outside the euro continues to offer the world's speculators ever greater potential largess and their money pit gets ever deeper. Ably assisted by Darling and his EU counterparts, wielding huge shovels of newly printed wallpaper. As the economic nightmare gets ever more real and ever closer to your home and mine, the school play continues. Watched avidly by an invited audience of panting MSM mums and dads, with the attendant punch ups on behalf of perceived insults against the little dears on stage! This farce might well have been avoided if two bright and obvious signal flares had not been ignored by Cameron. Postal ballot fraud and the one million votes that went to UKIP. I dare anyone to gainsay that refusing The UKIP offer earlier this year was tantamount to an Arnhem like mistake whereby the Tory PPCs in the marginal Con/Lab constituencies were dropped, as at Arnhem, straight into the arms of the enemy.
Still, a Lab/LibDum pact with Snotty remaining in number 10 is quite the best way forward to another election this year. Surely Labours' incompetence at all but covering their tracks cannot survive much longer?
Quite my preferred scenario is an interim Government of all the clowns, manning the barricades briefly, before being overwhelmed by reality. Naturally we will bear the brunt of any reprisals. Worth it to be free of Socialism. Be it of the Liberal two- faced kind or Labours' closet Marxism!


  1. My preference is that the tories stop negotiating with the libdems, tell them no more offers and sit tight.

  2. I think you're right, Subrosa.

    Just get on with it, and sod any alliance with the LibDums.

  3. Definitely. Publically dump Clegg The Untrustworthy ("not negotiating in good faith"), pull all offers off the table, demand the chance to form a minority government..and keep saying it.

    If he gets it go with the full Tory manifesto and just dare the left to bring him down in Parliament. Meanwhile commit to an EU referendum to bring UKIP back onside - he'll need them/their votes soon in the rerun.

  4. I tend to agree with you both but in my heart want to see lab/Lib pact fail by October, despite the risks.

  5. OR the pain of the last 13 years is finally finally over, what a great great day !!