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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Snotty's Bailout Fails.

Bilderbergers Also Failing.

"Global stock markets fell heavily on Tuesday over continued fears about the debt problems in the Eurozone."

Anyone who thought Snotty and his Bilderberger Europeans, together with the web of intrigue that binds global riches, that this was all sorted, have cause to stop and reflect today. I was always of the opinion that the Bilderberger grip was loosening as China, The Far East and India began to power into the capitalist fiefdoms. Debt can only go away when it is repaid. The Mafia found that The Bilderbergers would barter with them, just as they will and have with despots, The Taliban and Russian Oligarchs. The problem that now besets this cartel is, that with massive world wide debtor nations, the opportunities for laundering money are getting less and less available. Wars help as do F1 and Football shenanigans but they all still need compliant punters.
So when the ponzi scams unraveled, in 2007, the Rothschilds and their ilk panicked. Yet they still had sufficient numbers of politicians and cohorts like Peter Pederast to consult and manipulate. This became Snotty's golden hour in his own deluded mind. He could "save the world" and his grip on power. It almost worked but debt still sat stubbornly like my pachyderm, it's shadow darkening as the debt sank like the sun on a once glorious daylight. So after a brief recovery in the world's markets we are back to square one. Debt is even worse and resources dwindling. As in all matters human, follow the money. Drug barons have mountains of cash but now realise they cannot buy luxury homes, yachts and resorts without the serfs to build and service them. The serfs cannot travel, eat or live on lack of cash. Production is suffering in inverse proportion to population growth. What a mess.
Is there a solution? Nature will prevail. The actor Jeremy Irons touched on this in last week's Sunday Times. Disease, famine, war will all take their toll. Indeed we see these signs already. Like a tide, they are now lapping at the shores of Western Capitalism. Our only chance is austerity and long term saving, population control sensibly applied and common sense in all matters. How will we know? We shall know when the chatterati begin to be humble and realise they have played a big part in doing The Bilderbergers bidding, via socialism and they, too, face being culled by greed and excess.


  1. The chatterati will never realise it OR, not even when the guillotine is descending on their lying throats , they will still sing the praises of the masters that deserted them long before. For they cannot think for themselves let alone realise anything!!!
    What is so obvious to so many, is ignored by them as it does not fit their pre-prepared lies...
    When they turn around to follow the lying of Balls et al in decrying the wrongs of WAR and ECONOMIC dillitancy, rescinding their former staunchly held positions, they should be publicly flogged to death(and I speak as a pacifist here), there is no other cure for them or the others that would follow in their lying footsteps, without an example of what such ill thought out positions will result in there will be no end to them!!!

  2. Hi, Indy, I'll wield the cat'o'nine tails!

  3. Jeremy "7 Houses" Irons is a fine one to talk, OR, but it's so refreshing to see those manipulative Bilderberger bastards losing money hand over fist!