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Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Shame Of Labours' Lies.


Throughout this election campaign the "room" has been overrun with pachyderms. Those have all carried jhools decorated with the lies and slogans warning of the dreadful legacy of Labours' years in corrupt power.

if the polls and pundits are to be believed, these terrible facts will not sweep them out of power. Filthy and fatal hospitals, mass gerrymandering of immigration, cancer drugs unavailable amongst other medical post code lottery treatments, corruption and vote fraud judged in the High Court as "banana republic", nepotism and breathtaking hypocrisy, insults behind closed limousine doors. All of these facts and so very many more pale into insignificance when we are told that our debt problems are worse than Greece. Today, I make a 100 mile round trip to cast two proxy votes. many people will not walk a hundred yards unless to pick up a benefit cheque. Millions of capable individuals languish idly at home whilst the economic tsunami washes over the remnants of our pension funds and empty Government coffers. Well, if as seems likely, we elect a Conservative minority Government, the militant wing of the Labour Party Trade Unions will make the picture above a tea party compared to their vile nastiness. To prevent that needs a powerful mandate to Govern. I fear that, despite the 13 years of stupidity and hateful, spiteful incumbency, we shall have cause to be scared. Should I be wrong, I will rejoice to the skies. Sadly, it does not look promising.

"The Government is on course to run up a higher budget deficit this year than Greece after dire figures on the public finances today showed that it borrowed £4.3 billion more than it received in taxes in January, the first time this has happened.

January is usually a bumper month for tax receipts as people submit their tax returns and corporation tax payments fall due.

However, a steep decline in income tax and capital gains tax payments, coupled with a sharp rise in interest payments to cover the Government's debts, forced the Treasury to borrow money to balance its books.

The dire data confounded economists' expectations of a surplus of £2.8 billion, and falls far short of the £5.3 billion surplus recorded in January last year."


  1. You're up early, OR!

  2. Everything you say above is everything i've been thinking for the last few weeks. We'll soon see riots to make the poll tax riots look like a summer fayre

  3. Already the lefties are having a democracy demo in London, come Saturday!