Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Random Summer Mumblings!

I Feel Self-Indulgent Under A Coalition.

A glorious summer's day. Labour are flailing about leaderless and rudderless. The Chatterati are flummoxed about where to attack a moving target. The Tribune is making up lies and nonsense to hide impotence. My post about Mrs Smith was well received and I'm off to try to hit a few golf balls with Mrs OR.
OK, stock markets and The Eurozone are in a mess but at least they can expect educated direction from The UK instead of Snotty's posturing incompetence and fiscal ignorance. If you can find him ask him how come The European States are failing so badly after following his advice? So, a summer minus Labour in power. Such overwhelming joy. I hope all sensible and decent folk can sing along with OR today!


  1. Lucky man spending the day on the golf course. It's hanging basket weekend here. Have yet to even buy the 'fillers' so full steam ahead.

    I assure you the under-gardener will be working hard today as I know he wants time off for a golf competition tomorrow. Nothing like the chance of a medal for motivation is there!

  2. I'm back to garden, Subrosa!

  3. Your garden is lovely, OR.
    Like you and Subrosa, I'm working on my Garden too!
    Enjoy the weekend.