Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Poor Dobbin!

Downing Street This Morning.

A wonderful sight as the bunker furniture is placed in full view. Such a wonderful moment as this inept and ghastly pervert is ousted. Sad so much shredding has gone on. Check out the secret room in the bunker. Could be full of videos! As for the new Government. Whatever the outcome the tearful chatterati are stumbling around fruitlessly trying to stir. Bastards but joyous to watch!! Ha hah hah!!


  1. I haven't seen Mandelson, Balls, Hain or Campbell on the screen either - maybe I've just been lucky :-) I wonder what Mandy's plotting now?

  2. it will be probably another EU job for Peter Pederast, GV.