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Monday, 3 May 2010

Poll Methodology?

Rather As I Have Been Saying For Some Time!

Though a dated clip, I really believe that this exchange is just as valid today! I wonder if Friday will offer significant proof of MSM and punditry failure. Here is a further cause for not relying on those who seek to influence for influence!!

"Looking at the results from last time the Lib Dems increased their share by 5% but, on the face of it, look too far behind to mount a significant challenge. But I would not bet against them. Remember Dunfermline in February 2006 when the party was leaderless and at rock bottom in the polls. Crewe and Nantwich is an ideal opportunity for Nick Clegg to stamp his authority on his party and I have little doubt that plans swung into operation over-night to get ready for the coming fight. The numbers say it should be a Tory gain but I’m not convinced that the party has the capabilities to win in this very special form of campaigning.

Mike Smithson, April 18, 2008"


  1. Voter fraud could determine the outcome of the general election as evidence emerges of massive postal vote rigging.

    Police have launched 50 criminal inquiries nationwide amid widespread cases of electoral rolls being packed with ‘bogus’ voters.

    Officials report a flood of postal vote applications in marginal seats. With the outcome of the closest election in a generation hanging in the balance, a few thousand ‘stolen’ votes there could determine who wins the keys to Downing Street

  2. A significant labour tactic practiced over several years in readiness for this moment. led, of course, by Prescott.