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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Oh dear.

My First Coalition Post For A Basket Case Government.

I have perused blogland with interest these past few days of new Government. For the first time ever this has been with joy in my heart to be rid of Labour. I was to offer my insignificant views on the amazing speed in which this embryonic coalition is vilified, attacked, scorned and treated with more malevolence than ever Labours' cretinous Government was. Of course the Chatterati are apoplectic at the loss of influence and privilege, as champagne and guilt free socialists, so the frantic nastiness was foreseeable.
However I see little effort on behalf of Cameron and his coalition to give good reason to expect better than we have been used to. For a start, Bercow has already been nodded through, probably part of the sweety cupboard exchanges. Your gob stopper for my curly whirly type of stuff.
Then there is this 55% requirement for a vote of no confidence matter. Despicable. Cameron preached FPTP was the way to be rid of a Government then makes that utterly irrelevant. Then we shall witness The UK's impotence in Brussels, as our major income source is cut off by Merkel and Sarky.
Al this is going on as we face the inevitable economic explosion bequeathed by Labour and which Darling had the chutzpah to deny any responsibility for. Look, you ridiculous politicians, borrow more than you earn, print billions of IOUs you can't honour, max out every credit card known to man and woman and you are sitting on a nuclear grade device.
However, your priority is to stuff The House of Ill repute, known as The Lords, with more willing occupants and place the deck chairs in a more favourable position on the Titanic floating brothel's forecastle.
Back to the future is guaranteed. Roaring inflation, wage demands, savings collapse, high interest rates. This is the reality of Brown and Labours' scorched earth. They rigged the ballot and only just missed out on a narrow Tory majority they expected to crumble, as the water to douse the burning wreckage ran out. Well, the Coalition seemed an excellent way to unite the Country and do a good job. The omens are looking very sad. There was I, so optimistic. These are early days but something very much better is required and sooner rather than later.
No one wants us little peoples' opinions for at least another few years. However, for what it's worth, "It's the economy, stupid"!


  1. Oh dear indeed, OR. Still keeps us entertained so long as we can pay the leccie!

  2. OR. If this were a "true" Conservative Party, the first thing that would go are the quangoes and fake charities. Have we seen any of that? NO.

    It's really no use Osborne saying that the resolution in the EU was a "done job".

    A real Conservative would have told them to stick it when the sun don't shine or we'll withdraw from the EU immediately!

    The UK remains a left wing Europhile country.

    Everyone should have voted UKIP.

  3. The Benghazi Races come to mind, but this time will we stop at El Alamein?

  4. Sue, times change. The bonfire of the Quangos is still on the agenda. patience, lie back and think of Labour out of Government. Osborne did get a concession today. No mean feat for a newbee. Works for me! Demetrius, we will stop at Nirvana!

  5. Sniggering snigger18 May 2010 at 21:13

    What a cracking post oddrightie
    and the pic cracking well done.



  6. I'll believe them when they actually do it, OR, but I'm not holding my breath.

  7. Soon people will wake up and see its the Lib Dims who are calling the shots.