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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lord of The Pies?

Hypocrisy Of Socialism.

Lord of the Pies fits this sexual predator and chipolata flapper scratcher. The number of these class warfare, midget intellect, morons who pollute our peerage and honours, is just ghastly. I wonder if someone will teach the slob to not eat with his ugly mouth open, when he joins Peter Pederast in The House of Ill Repute? Get rid of hereditary peers and replace them with these unpleasant yokels. Just think of the Labour crowd. Both Kinnocks, Gorbals Mick, the three up before the beak. Soon to be joined by this garbage. Marvellous for our Nation's image, isn't it? Here's a brief video to remind you of this guy's qualifications to become Lord Of The Pies! Make sure you haven't eaten recently before viewing.


  1. What a pig, OR, he'll be stinking up the House of Lords when he gets there - of all the inappropriate peerages..... once again, Brownfinger shows his complete disregard and hatred for everything British.

  2. How the useless are rewarded in Labour, Spidey!

  3. Old trough, new snouts.

    Dem Tories are planning a fully elected HoL - that should stop Lord "Who ate all the pies" Prescott carrying on troughing his way through £400 a month of our taxes in food expenses.

  4. JohnR, It might even rid us of Peter Pederast!

  5. John..
    Even if they do have an elected second chamber [pot] do you think for one minute these c&"*s wont get a big payoff with a pension for life?

  6. Captain Haddock17 May 2010 at 19:13

    The fat, uncouth, useless bastard (described elsewhere in the Blogosphere as "Britain's only failed bulimic") should be towed out to sea & used for Naval gunnery practise ..

  7. half and half is 55% to Clegg and cameron17 May 2010 at 21:04

    Don't know what you are whining about(still you always do)

    The Clegg/Cameron consuls are ennobling 170 new lords to ensure their dictatorship can force through any new laws such as the 55% rule.

    Wonder how much will flow in to the Consuls coffers from this sale of Titles

    you never know but
    Lord Oldrightie of Toryshire

  8. Nope, just plain old progressive coalition Oldrightie!

  9. Loading the Hoose Of Lords is a well tested Labour trick, they have done it several times before.

    Lord Prescott Of Gaffs wil be sorely tested when he opens his gob there as that House still has plenty of erudite speakers to slap him down.

  10. When he opens his gob a ton of burger will be showered on the gathered Lords, Banned.