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Friday, 7 May 2010

Looks Awful at 0615

Labour Fix?
Still time for a Tory majority. However if we consider the weirdness of the results so far, something very strange. People locked out of polling stations, postal voting under investigation. BBC bias just shameful. till probably lots of blogging opportunities!


  1. Good morning OR. I can't believe what I'm hearing - Labour are still wittering on about a coalition with the LibDems despite not having enough seats between them at the moment. LibDems are on course to get only 54 seats and Labour's share of the vote has plummetted everywhere. It shouldn't be the lefties protesting on the streets, it should be the righties - young and old :-)

  2. I'm absolutely incensed at any idea of Clegg and Brown forming a pact. The LDs would be finished for ever. My old socialist friend tells me he'd never, ever vote LD again if it were to happen, as he was relying on this election to bury New Labour for good, as was I.

    OR, wasn't it you who noticed how well Clegg and Cameron got on? I think a Tory-LD coalition would actually work well, but I reckon we'll see a rash of by-elections, or even the result of this election declared null and void and all done over again.

    At least we have good news - Charles Clarke and Jacqui Smith out on their backsides. Oh, how I cheered!

  3. Hi, GV, good morning,Richard. So, so disappointing. However this was my second preference. Pun intended. If Snotty and Clegg join up they will face the terrible mess Labour have created.Sadly it seems the British Public still don't "get it" how much pain is coming. It's not all Greek to me!