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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Let Us Consider.

The Mess We Are Now In.

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The fact that Snotty Brown is clinging to power through a constitutional nicety is typical of the man. Resignation from him, as the loser he is and an invitation to the WINNING Party, through the democratic procedures of having most votes for a single Party, by her Maj. is also constitutional. Then Cleggy could conduct his blackmail ransom in Downing Street. Of course, Mandleson and Labour would not wish to see this PR imagery favouring Cameron or Cleggy for that matter. Plus possession being 9 tenths of the law! Still, watching DC and Cleggy trying to thump Snotty, joined by Darling as the representative of Banana man is unedifying and endangers our credibility in the world. Still, only one man really to blame and that's Snotpicker himself. His real worry is what might be discovered in The Bunker that cannot be shredded.
There is also one further question. How did Labour keep every seat in Birmingham and hold so many in London? I suggest quite a few registers are going to be buried with the one from Glenrothes. The percentage number of postal votes cast in those places is going to be very interesting. As are the SNP seats not won. How many Libdem failures feel to huge postal vote input? How many people in all were turned away from polling stations? There might well be a judicial call for a re-election which, without postal fraud might paint a very different picture indeed. meanwhile keep thumping Snotty, he sure as hell deserves it. Ghastly man yet still revered by the criminal classes in Labours' ranks. Disgusting crowd of cretinous, lying cheats.
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  1. Standby for the eulogies after Brown's departure. Should be locked up, really.

  2. Only a couple of hours to go, OR, and McSnotty will be gone from Number 10.

  3. I shall shed a tear, Killem. of joy!