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Saturday, 29 May 2010

A Law Unto Himself?

I Despair!

If The Prime Minister has a shred of belief in "new politics" this idiot has to go. How on earth can any decent person condone this secretive and potentially criminal behaviour? Iain Dale of course is the media head of the gay Mafia these days and is lauding this guy's awfulness for only one reason. He's one of the brotherhood or sisterhood of self-righteous deviants like Mandleson et al. Regardless of my antipathy towards the promotion of homosexuality and it's smug mantle of victim- hood, this affair is deeply offensive. After two years of Jacqui Smith's porn, duck houses and home flipping, the morality of the brand new, shiny Parliament falls to yet another grasping and flawed individual. Not forgetting those back on the gravy train such as Blears and Prescott.
If Cameron acts swiftly and sacks him, subject to future investigation, then something might be salvaged. If this drags on, Clegg and Cameron and the coalition will be immediately tainted with the same old nastiness of the corrupt, Bilderberger grip on our lives. I'm not holding my breath. Like the tiptoeing around the fear of racist taunts is the stockinged feet shuffling in the presence of any whiff of homophobic action or words. Political correctness that condemns democracy to the privilege of the minority. Very expensive in terms of the social and moral health of most of us.


  1. I hope "they" don't stumble on this post, OR!

  2. Loathingliebour29 May 2010 at 15:32

    Cameron has to sack this fudge-packin' low life creep immediately before being remanded in custody charged with fraud & deception.

  3. He's been revealed to be a thieving trougher just like all the others paraded in front of us over the last year. So he's got to go - today.

    I dont care if he's drilled, bored or countersunk - it's irrelevant to his offence. It's not acceptable for a Treasury minister (or any other MP) to be "on the take" from the taxpayers money.

    Also, despite WotsIsName's snotty comments about the other two herds of swine, it would appear that all the piggies have dirty noses. It doesnt matter which herd you look at, they're all as bad as each other.

    Final point; "a real man shoots his own dog" so I wonder if WotsIsName has the cojones to get rid of Laws?

    Whatever he decides CallMeDave needs to make sure that Laws is off the front bench by the end of today.

  4. I take no pleasure from his fall from grace. A decent move if not pushed.

  5. I take no pleasure either OR, but he, and only hem brought about his downfall.

    His efforts to blame his actions on his sexuality do nothing for the gay movement.

  6. I agree, Subrosa but this "movement" has become tiresomely strident.