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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Labours' Legacy Of Carnage?

Hardly Saving The World.

It would be unfair to lay into The Coalition at this stage but now 288 troops are dead and thousands mutilated, every day is costing ever greater suffering. Our presence in Afghanistan was always about Labours' need to hide their own dysfunctional characters' weaknesses or pander to Bliar's hubris. It is way past time to leave. How? Like every war and major conflict, high moral and justifying rhetoric is little more than propaganda to cover up greed for power and money.
We are safer at home through the efforts of our security and police forces, not through the wanton carnage in Afghanistan. Already covert talks with the Taliban are carried out along with the despicable deals done openly through offices in Kabul and elsewhere to push through, unmolested, contract completions and payments.
The West needs now to openly negotiate withdrawal with The Taliban, hand over Karzai and his crooked but very rich henchmen and get out. Let the commercial interested parties look after and pay for their own protection. What our dead and mutilated soldiers are doing is propping up Bankers and Bilderbergers for pure commercial reasons. Little different than Snotty's bailout failure for banks. Sometimes I think the Islamic way might well show greater honesty that ever our own flawed morality. The Coalition has much to redress from their dreadful legacy from Labour. This is of higher priority than most. If only to pursue the economic argument. £8 billion times five is £40 billion saved in this term. 25% of our annual deficit, let alone the human cost. Phone The Taliban now!


  1. But OR who would protect the CIA's burgeoning heroin crop? or their gas pipeline???

  2. Defence Secretary Liam Fox has spent his first tour of Afghanistan getting slapped down by Foreign Secretary William Hague - twice in two days.

    Dr Fox, on a tour of the country with Mr Hague and International Secretary Andrew Mitchell, turned government policy on its head by demanding a quick withdrawal of British troops.

    Mr Hague said it was 'unwise and unhelpful' for anyone to demand an early withdrawal of British troops

    Read more:

    That means you

  3. Hague is wrong but no worse than the people from Labour who got us into this mess.

  4. Bring the troops home I say. Then have a bloody good clearout starting at the top. It makes my piss boil when I hear about political correctness and human f*cking rights being used to shackle the lads and lasses, f8ck it's hard enough for them in the firing line as it is without all that shit. Ainsworth (I wouldn't piss on the cunt if he was on fire)tied the armed forces up with his common purpose politically correct shite. "we went in with snatch landrovers because tanks and heavy armoured vehicles would upset the locals" I belive that was one of his little ditties. "We did not realise or expect that the conditions would be so hostile nor the terrain so rugged" where the fuck did he think we were going into battle, Cheshire? They knew exactly what they were doing and why. Bush to Blair "suck it dry and get up of your knees Tony, were going in tomorrow". Within 24 hours the plans had been drawn out on one side of an A4 and new bank accounts had been opened. There are noises being made about the cost (financial) of the war so I expect some kind of mini withdrawel at some point but the only way forward that i personally see working is the one Righty suggests. Negotiate a withdrawel (tell the leaders that we are leaving them to fight it out against the yanks) and in return for a swift and safe return of our troops under a ceasefire we will send them a shit load of reinforcements. We have enough British born terrorists over here to more than cover that deal. Let the Bildeburgs and rothschilds pay for their own army.

  5. Nice to have you pop by, Sergeant!