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Monday, 24 May 2010

Labours' Broken Covenant?

Afghanistan Failings.

"In a statement to the BBC, the MoD admitted guidelines for rest periods and the length of tours had been broken in Afghanistan. "Unfortunately at a time of high operational commitment, breaches of harmony guidelines do occur but we are taking steps to address the situation."

The BBC and their chatterati are getting very moist as they trail their Panorama programme to be aired this evening. The excitement at claiming a top Colonel's resignation is about "future" fears for bomb disposal units is unbelievable distortion. Ergo, if it takes six years to fully train these brave people, then we should have been doing this six years ago and three years into the conflict. However Snotty's parsimony and ugly logic did not do this. Still we have a new non-socialist Government to kick, do we not?
If only to stop the continuing fall- out of dreadful incompetence over 13 years of Iraq and Afghanistan blind stupidity, we should quit. Reform and re-train and if absolutely necessary go back properly equipped and fit for purpose. However the raw courage and bravery of our troops is given as scant a thought as are our nurses and ancillary NHS staff. Whitehall, The MoD and NHS Trusts remain populated with Labour placements and sycophants. This Coalition should not be tainted with that brand and given at least two years for decontamination, minimum. Over to you, BBC chatterati. perhaps they should bring Aintworthalot back to advise us?


  1. Much of what you post is spot on. What a terrible waste of money and lives.

  2. I wonder if the (completely unbiased) BBC will dig out some of the useless NuLieBore Defence Secretaries the military have had to put up with and ask them about cuts to training during the decade?

    Oh Dear. Silly me. I must be suffering from heat stroke.

  3. They're trotting out Darling ad infinitum, JR.

  4. for years You have been wandering all around the Blogosphere dragging a bloodied corpse of a British soldier behind you.

    Blaming the Labour Government for all the casualties and now the Conservatives are the Government.
    You cover up for all their mistakes and the fact fighting will still continue and soldiers will still die.

    The truth is you could not care less for the lives of the British Armed forces. You just wanted to make a Political point against the Labour Party and you used the deaths of our brave soldiers to do so.

    you are both a coward and a liar and I have no doubt if you had the guts(you haven't) to stand in the service personnel Messes they would spit in your face.