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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

It's not just fraud.

I Hate The fact I'm Being Proved Right!

Servicing my tractor cutting deck at six this morning prior to some serious election TV and blogging. Also need to sort out and confirm my in-laws proxy votes. This requires me to travel a round trip of 100 miles. I tried the Solihull electoral office yesterday to find them on their Bank holiday day off. tried this morning can't get through. Gained some numbers from The Tory office. Ring for their rep in the electoral office. Sprog tries to fob me off with she's a Council officer and I know she's the Tory supervisor. Then he tells me proxy vote letters to proxies are to be mailed today. bet they're not or only mine will be! If you check this Nationwide and then add the armed forces loss of voting capability and bingo a possible one million votes "lost" How to win the Stalin/Afghan way, I guess! My disgust at this Labour Government is well founded. Cheats, liars and thieves. They steal our liberty and deny our democratic rights with little chance of discovery. Hateful. No wonder the FTSE collapsed on the probability of a hung Parliament of yet more of Labour!

Then there is the actual direct fraud.

Multiculturalism at it's best?


  1. It seems it's getting very serious, OR.

  2. If the polls are right the great unwashed are about to take a very nasty bath!

  3. We've been told that if you have a proxy vote you don't need a polling card, just ID. The name should be on the list/register and marked as a proxy, with the proxy's name alongside.

  4. I feel a peasant's revolt coming on, this time Jack Straw is on the wrong side...

  5. Thank you for that, Mrs Rigby! I am led to understand, however, that UK wide the electoral offices are shambolic, which leaves the way open for millions of mistakes and potentially lost or misrepresented votes.

  6. RFB, I do hope you are right! How about Mrs Duffy as leader?