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Monday, 10 May 2010

It Might All Be A Waste Of Time.

Postal Vote Fraud?

Before the leftie idiots jump in, in their inimitable fashion, this story is also in the LibDem Guardian! If a real and sincere investigation is made, this election will go down in history as the most fraudulent ever in The" crumbling" Union's history. I suggest that Labours' increased grip on Scotland will be down to this machinery as is the loss of a significant Tory majority, despite a phenomenal performance and overall victory. Add to that the loss of LibDem seats, rather than a predicted big gain and the scale of Labours' operation is enormous. Furthermore, I wonder how much the exit polls are based on potentially known postal ballot information aka Kerry Mccarthy's twit of a tweet?
Rather than wasting time in endless meetings, it might be better to call for a re-run in those areas where a postal vote exceeds last year's numbers by a large (10%+?) number. Whatever the outcome, the next election needs to be fought without this dreadful, Prescott engineered and discredited postal vote system. The life-support machine of The Labour Party and their Trade Union backers and MPs.


  1. OK

    It is time.

    Can anyone tell me

    1) the postal vote figures in all the Scottish constituencies.

    2) the corresponding figure in the last General Election or by-election

    3) how many, if any, of these postal vote applications were verified, when and by whom.

    I would bet my M & S drawers, if I had any, remember I am fur becoated (hell I could be a secret agent from Edinburgh), that they all came in so fast that none were checked, because the local authorities did not have the enough Unite(d) manpower to carry it out in the given time.

    Given that there could well be a postal vote fraud of significance will the responsible authorities now initiate a retrospective check on all postal voters and publish their findings?

    Also applicable in England, Wales and N Ireland.

    All postal votes must now be checked retrospectively.

    If African official election observers are scoffing at the UK system of voting security we need to address the problem now.

  2. Bugger, we are all having to join your species, if this fraud goes unchecked.