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Monday, 3 May 2010

Is It All Over?

Sunset of Hope?

Just two and a half days to go. My brief flashes of hope for the salvation of The UK and the homeland of my ancestors have been swamped. Swamped by media bias, spin, the shadowy presence of The EU and their Bilderberger puppeteers and the relentless polls. I am at a loss as to how excellent, socially responsible and fair Conservative policies have been trampled underfoot by all and sundry. The clarion calls to the electorate to wake up and DO something for themselves has been drowned out by the monotonous drum beat of "leave it all to to nanny". Snotty brown insults his whole core Labour stalwarts. People like Mrs Duffy, who, unlike her Whelan, Campbell and Prezza Pies Prescott hypocrites, I can readily identify with as decent. Clegg flips and flops his manifesto with the same frequency as his house investments and expenses. Cable is marmalised excruciatingly by Andrew Neil, Blinky Balls upsets everybody and Mandleson oozes snake venom over all else. Behind all this is the enormous failure of the last 13 years that have left us in the sunset and gathering storm depicted in the picture above. I really wanted to show a sunrise. Replace the sombre painting in my header. Thanks to the grip held over our populace, I fear this will not be. Depressing post? Not as depressing as the perceived result come Friday morning and the consequences.
Socialism as a philosophy and it's history of implementation, through anguish and violence, I find loathsome and hateful. Like many Tories I have and do donate significantly to charities, care for others and want excellence rewarded, slothfulness and unpleasantness discouraged and fairness and justice for those deserving and willing to earn it. Human rights I regard as the prerogative of those deserving of them, not all and sundry. Clegg, today, parades his "celebrity" friends as just that. Not as Cameron, people DOING something. One of his acolytes is Richard Dawkins. Says it all.


  1. Cheer up, OR. You might still buy that bolly! Fire up the Quattro!

  2. Come on now OR. I've the gold foil topped bottle in the fridge now.

    Brown seems to have given up. He knows it is the end of his career.

  3. Thank you, Subrosa. I'm afraid I'm heartily sick of the failure of people to realise how bad Labour have wrecked the economy.

  4. "Calm down, dear!"

    I think you might be in for a pleasant surprise, four days from now. Keep the faith!

  5. I share your view OR, particularly about the msm, but can't give in. I admit to being surprised at Labour's showing in the polls - I really thought they'd be in the high teens with only a core vote to support them. It seems their policies of a dependent client state are working well for them but I have high hopes that the good common sense of the electorate will shine through on Thursday - whatever else we Brits are, we're not mugs. Apart from anything else, I haven't sung yet :-)

  6. I am really, really, really hoping that here in Scotland we do not return the same number of Labour MPs as before to Westminster. The SNP, who are the only real active and largely successful political force here, have been fairly quiet hoping for their record to speak for itself and Broon's inability to remove his clunking fist from his self-destruct button.

    Mr Salmond was perhaps correct in stating that the three 'debates' were not about the General Election but indeed had become the General Election. This ignored the democratic right of other leaders to challenge the cosy infernal triangle of the scratching of each others backs in order that the entire charade was gaffe-less and the status quo - safe. I fear the lasting impression may be why bother changing my vote - what difference will it really make?
    Thank goodness for Mrs Duffy who may have seen off Mr Brown but not necessarily Labour.
    Poisoned chalice - anyone?

  7. Chin up, OldRightie, me old mucker.

    You've done your best to inform and educate. Now is the time to chill the champers and drink it with family and friends, whatever the outcome on Friday morning.

  8. I agree with JW, OR, and I think we're all in for a pleasant surprise - the MSM can spin all they like - they initially tried coming out for the Gorgon and when that didn't work, they plumped for the nearest Lefty equivalent, Cleggover.

    Strange how the instant polls after the debates gave the true result before they had been weighted using dodgy methodology.

    They are also very selective about the people they poll!

    Nope - I believe we will have a new Tory government this Friday.

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  10. For all that I've said about him OR, it seems that there's a new urgency to Cameron. The way it comes across to me - and I don't trust me to be objective any more than I trust any of them not really to be out for themselves - is a sense of urgency for the future of the country and a sensing of great danger for us all if the chance is missed to put things right.

    Maybe others will see it that way too and avoid the yellow box that they might have been planning to put their cross in.


  11. ladies and gentlemen, whatever the result on Thursday you have all made me feel very much better,. Thank you and perhaps we will party like The BBC did but for a different cause!!