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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

In case you missed a REAL Prime Minister.

What A Blessed Relief from Snotty and Bliar!


A superb bit of theatre and excellent use of barbed humour in The Queen's speech debate.. Long may it continue. Towards the end The PM wallops Dromey et al quite magnificently. Harman's long, long, unfunny metaphor is awful! The Labour front bench were utterly at home in their miserable, long faced, proper place as opposition. Mind you, how do you oppose a coalition? Long may this last. Cajones is begging for support, Jedward look ever more silly as each day passes and Abbotpudding is being puffed even larger. Love this time in my life!! I shall never, ever forget it!!


  1. The Dromey jibe was absolute mint.Pity the camera didn't pan to Harmans mush at said moment.

  2. British soldier killed in southern Afghanistan

    Ministry of Defence says serviceman from 4th Regiment the Royal Artillery was shot as he conducted joint foot patrol

    Love this time in my life!! I shall never, ever forget it!!

    You have certainly forgot all about the British Forces.
    Brave men are dying while this government does nothing to save them.

    And all you do is laugh in soldiers faces.

  3. "Truth said"...
    Hey up moron. Post before last was

    A further happiness for the current situation was Staff Sergeant Olaf Smith's wife praising Liam Fox and the new government. You prick.

  4. Judging by the title, "Harriet Harman Humiliates David Cameron", the video was obviously posted on You Tube by a Lefty moron, OR, as far as I could see, it was the complete opposite - yet another example of Lefty doublespeak!

  5. Spot on, BS. Backfired big time, though. As do all the weak, brown (pun) paper bag efforts of Labours' rump. Their seat tally was only above two hundred due to vote rigging. (Indy headlines yesterday). They never expected this coalition and it is hurting!

  6. A warm welcome and thank you to Mr Vance for popping by!

  7. I managed to listen to Harriet Hasbeen for a whole 3:56 minutes,is this a record?