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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Has The Election Hit The Spot?

We Shall Soon Know!

I use the sunset again, showing possible gathering storm clouds. Greece and the world's financial markets,together with a failing euro zone still haunt and stalk OUR financial well being and future. I totally believe the dangers to The UK are not just the global collapse but our weakness to withstand these events. Snotty and his coterie of misfits and pederasts tell us they are the idiots to get us out of the mess they poured excrement over thinking it was fertiliser. In this context the election campaign by Labour tell us that they are the people to "steer us" through as though 13 years of crap had made no difference to our inherent weakness as an economy.
Their corruption and greed for power and money, embracing of failed and corrupt individuals such as Mandleson and Hain, are completely divorced from responsibility. Power at all costs even if it means a scorched earth to drive a new Government out, months after a tenuous victory. I am at a loss that Labour still have any support at all. Blatantly exposed to the real Snotpicker via his abuse of a pensioner and yet claim 30% of support! Note any sign of weak recovery is in their gift to sustain, failure and economic disaster is only down to others and the rest of the world. Note this pattern to blame others for their failings but claim credit for any tiny sparks of improvement. The next after-shock of the credit crunch is already rumbling and we most certainly are not best placed to withstand it. Even less so if this bunch have any say, post tomorrow.
So has the election hit the spot? The Tory film of Labours' 13 years, shown above, most definitely has and should be shown or seen by every voter before making their decision. The Tory policies for the economy, taxation, education, crime and so forth, all are better than anything the other two have produced. Sadly all they have received from the MSM and The BBC is approbation, sniping and unpleasantness. Just a few hours to go. I remain very anxious for The United Kingdom and it's future.


  1. Let's just hope we all can see a beautiful sunrise on Friday morning!
    There is a horrendous gathering economic storm but a change of Captain should steady us, as long as we get well clear of the useless political jetsom that has almost sunk us. Hoist the Blue Peter this time!

  2. I will post the most beautiful sunrise if things go better than the BBC wish, together with pollsters!

  3. OR,

    I came across this today in th 'Independent'.

    Maybe this sums up the difference between the Tory view and the Socialist view quite neatly.

    I don't know how far Johann-Hari lives from a hostel for the homeless. The article doesn't say.

    It seems though that it is a disgrace for any council not to wish to host such hostels amidst constituents who are paying through the nose for private accommodation, perhaps in the mistaken belief that they will be living in a community of the like minded who have an equal investement in maintaining the prosperity and desirabilty of the area.

    Many of us could become homeless, suddenly, and rely on some support while we sort the situation out. We would not bnecessarily be 'undesirables'.

    Homeless people can be fine people - many are ex-service personnel who have had a very bad deal by way of thanks for serving their country.

    That is a problem which should be redressed by making sure ex-service personnel they get a much better deal, one which takes what they have been through into account, a problem that has been disgracefully neglected by Labour and Conservatives alike.

    All I know if it happens to me I should wish to be homeless in somewhere, anywhere, that will give me basic support.

    Kensington wil be just fine but I, I have to say, I'll be inclined to want to stay there. Tower Hamlets might be more help.

  4. Something this Labour Government, despite two unnecessary wars, have done little about for 13 years, Jim.