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Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Forces Of Hell?

It is to start on Saturday!

There is a LibLab pact and it's behind the scenes. Masquerading as a "fair vote" campaign just watch this bunch of innocents join up with the extreme left and Whelan's storm troopers to, as the Unions have already stated, unleash the forces of hell on a Conservative Government. Or to put it another way, on the democratic system they have decided they don't approve of.
Never mind the millions who might choose to vote differently. The left have only one brain cell. I needn't say where it's located but it's not contained in the cranium. Just witness the red flags in Athens responsible for the innocent deaths of three people. Four, if you count the unborn child. These people never ever look at themselves and realise they suffer from a collective and narcissistic delusion of stupidity.


  1. I think you've summed it up OR - only their viewpoint is valid, only their vote is worth counting and only their voices are worth hearing.

    The Lib/Lab left are the worst thing possible for the UK and you're right about the UAF scum and the Unionistas - they'll be out in force too. Socialist Workers of the world unite! They've got absolutely no respect for the rights of the individual.

  2. Snidey little gits! In that case, perhaps the Conservatives should join forces with UKIP, BNP and all the other independents!