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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Europe Fights The Speculators.

Without Weapons.

This crowd of pillocks were recently in thrall to The Snotty school of junior economics. Save the banks was the mantra, sod the people! Well, chickens are sure as hell flocking home. Spain is now downgraded from triple A. Portugal soon to follow. Yet these idiots cling to the dream of one size fits all. Well, it obviously does not and ere long the Deutche Folk will get very, very angry. Watch out, Poland, or should that be Greece today? For me AGW is in the same league as The EU. Much posturing and hot air (pun) achieving bugger all. Still, if the death of the federal dream is slow the pain ought to be manageable. If it's rapid and it might be, we will all feel the draft.


  1. Sound and fury, signifying nothing? Seems to me old Will had it spot on.

  2. I've been watching the EU carefully. I'm also slightly optimistic of its collapse within the next 5-10 years or so (although it'll be slow - very slow. That's the Bilderberg dream and theirs last longer, but with sadder endings).

    Rumours abound that Germany are printing up new Deutschemarks for rainy years to come (one tiny saving grace was that Fondelbum of Boys never got his wicked way here re the euro).

    Even so, I'm going on a woodwork course, brewing booze and learning how to make things. I'm not banking on having any actual disposable income for much longer.