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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Climate (political) Change.

Green Behind The Ears?

As The Coalition continues to bed in I am still in awe at the spectacle of the chatterati struggling to cope. The weak efforts to gainsay the situation are proving to be a collective wasp swallowing exercise. However if the easily predicted high pressure system of the last Winter persists we are in for a dry and very warm summer. This will allow the AGW nutters to forget volcanic eruptions' CO2 emissions and start up the "tax us all to hell and back" chanting. Now this will be most fortuitous for the failed euro project. As markets tumble, currencies struggle and the terminal illness of The Federal European body gets ever more chronic, taxation of colossal proportions and high interest rates will be passed off as "good for the planet".
However the apocalyptic financial disaster happening this very moment, with plunging stocks, pension funds and banking crisis mark two is not conducive to Snotty's saving the world agenda of bank bailouts. That ever obvious monumental cock up is now in the hands of The Coalition. They will need all the help they can get. I just hope they don't go down the stupid path of the AGW very expensive blind alley. A good old fashioned dose of fiscal responsibility by Government and "HD ready" TV package consumers is the way to go. The Planet can manage quite well with or without us!

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  1. It does seem as though Europeans, as well as Brits, do not realise the good times are gone for a very long time.