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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Chatterati's Initial Response.


The world's media gather on the Downing Street lawn and just ask one question that hogs the BBC bulletins, "You called Clegg a joke". The closing Newsnight graphics of stage and TV double acts that were rubbish such as The Crankies". James Naughtie giggling embarrassingly right now over the newspapers. Then The Liebore election of a new Don is mentioned. Suddenly hushed and reverent tones. Then there are nasty and mischievous things like "Cable sidelined", "Pound falls despite coalition", "Middle Class to pay", "Labour scepitical" and on and on. You would never think for one moment that the shit inherited from Snotty and his gang was anything but this new Government's doing. Quietly fail to mention the plan to open up grace and favour homes to the real owners, you and me via voluntary groups! Three days of joy versus thirteen years of misery. Well vice versa for the Chatterati sycophants. Still, whatever the unpleasantness, we do have a non-Liebore grasping, greedy, statist Marxist Government. Should this "new politics" work, Labour will be every bit as shut out as they and the Chatterati claimed the Conservatives would be, for ever. Careful what you wish for. My solution is to call for a boycott of The BBC news. Maybe The COA (Coalition) will isolate them and brief everybody but they. That would be refreshing!!


  1. Oh how I wish OR. Do we really need the EBC?

  2. close down the biased beeb13 May 2010 at 09:52

    I see the biased al ja beeba are on full anti coalition government mode. Trying their best to undermine the government is treason. I can't believe we have to pay a tv tax for these traitors aswell.
    The way skeletal Jackie Bird treats Alex Salmond is another scandal. Labour loving , Daily Record writing beeboid eejit. Oh and don't get me started on Kirsty Wark and all her labour luvvy pals like that gimp Pat Kane and her other newlabour chums. She should be sacked immediately.

  3. Do you mean the multi-millionairess Kirsty Wark? A chatterati Queen!

  4. Funny how on Friday coalitions were all the rage, but only if McNutter and his troop of shaved apes were involved, whereas today coalitions are spawn of Satan, unstable, weak, unworkable, doomed to fail because they contain the largest party.

    The BBC has got to go...and soon.

    We dont need, or want, another election with Tory policies and speeches twisted amd misrepresented by the forked tongues of the "uniquely funded" propaganda arm of NuLieBore

  5. Funny you should suggest switching off BBC 'News' - I've been watching news on France 24, Russia Today etc. since the GE and found them to be much less bad!

    Interesting to hear European journalists, especially now that the European civilians (except for the French who are pretty good at letting their feelings out already)- become increasingly concerned at propping up medieval farming and basket weaving industries, speaking robustly about the abyss on which we teetering on the brink. Germany is getting very twitchy.

    By the way, where has our statutory financial commitment to something strange called the Eurozone suddenly popped up from? Who signed that bottomless pit on our behalf? So much for thinking we were safe not having the Euro?????

  6. If the BBC continues with this pro Labour propaganda, then we are not getting full information on subjects.

    Full and free information in a modern information-based democracy is akin to a human right.

    If this virtual monopoly of the BBC is not providing us with what we are entitled to, then they must lose this virtual monopoly.

    We must therefore make new arrangements so we do get what we want.

    Accordingly, there must be many more news programmes provided by independent providers. These independent providers do not have to be huge mega-bucks corporations - better if they are not, actually. They can be small non-profit organisations who agree to comply with a code of practice.

    The digital broadcasting infrastructure will be capable of broadcasting many such channels all accessible via remotes. This infrastructure should be opened up in this way - just as the BT infrastructure was opened up.

    It is not too ridiculous for we bloggers to set up our own news channel. UKNewsNetwork is very well placed to be our candidate.

  7. 55% is a majority in the uk now used to be over 50% But cameron didn't like that idea13 May 2010 at 21:53

    We should have a vote of no confidence in the BBC and as long as we reach the New conservative 55% they will have to go.

    Why its just like the old days in Germany

  8. Question Time tonight was an absolute disgrace, OR, they even had that vile little man Mehdi Hasan on the panel - another commie ambush with an audience full of planted questions.

    Marcellus is spot on about independent news channels - I've so had enough of being spoon fed socialist propaganda by the MSM.