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Monday, 10 May 2010


Rejoice or Cry?

Mandleson has dumped Snotty after he's topped up his bloody pension.. Don't forget his and Snotty's henchmen. However, let the bastard stay as PM for six months, propped up by Cleggy. After that the stupid electorate will beg for Cameron to save everybody. Expensive, painful but delicious. I'm looking at property in France!!


  1. ...and what does anyone think the pound will be worth by then? (Assuming, of course, that Clegg The Untrustworthy hasnt pushed us into the Euro by then)

  2. John R, this has become totally demeaning and caused by ballot box fraud.

  3. It's the damage done in the meantime that will have me on tenterhooks, OR. The pound dropped immediately against the dollar the minute Brown made his statement. As a sweetener he's also offered to push AV voting through Parliament without a referendum in the event of a Lib/Lab/Scottish/Welsh nationalist coalition. If they do that in the first six months we'll be having an almost permanent centre-left govt - 'harmonising' with the EU. I'm not sure it's a risk worth taking.

  4. GV, it appears that only an economic reality will bring the British to understand how stupid they have been. Plus ballot fraud of course. I say British. The English have it about right!

  5. Apologies to you, OR.

    I thought that Snotty MacMental would have resigned by 6 pm yesterday. How wrong was I?

    He's hanging on to the door jamb even now.

    The champagne will have to wait.

  6. Why does voting for 'None of the Above' result in a Millipede for PM. Who voted for that?

    During the olympic games will the silver and bronze recipients be standing on higher plinths than the gold medal winner?

  7. God luck with your move to France;
    It's in the Mail so it must all be true.

  8. My life might be dictated by Labours' infant economic failure but The Mail is very far removed from any influence!