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Sunday, 2 May 2010

After thirteen long years.

A Quick reminder Of Labours' Awful Rule.

1997, Gordon Brown scraps pension fund tax relief, sells gold to buy euros.

198-9, Readers may remember that Mandelson's first fall from grace, little more than a year after Labour achieved power, came after he was exposed for borrowing £373,000 from fellow minister Geoffrey Robinson and then lying to his mortgage lender to obtain by deception another £150,000 to buy a house he otherwise couldn't’ possibly afford.

Anyone else caught in those circumstances would have attracted the attention of the fraud squad and probably ended up in prison.

Mandelson lost his job, was forced to pay the money back and sell the house – but he pocketed the £250,000 profit.

(Brown demanded Mandelson’s sacking, but Blair wanted to keep him. Part of the deal was that Robinson - a wealthy businessman and Brown’s political benefactor, and Charlie Whelan, his fiercely loyal press secretary - a thorn in the side of both Mandelson and Campbell - would have to go, too. Gordon appeared to have no hesitation in throwing them over the side to get rid of the hated Mandelson. So much for loyalty.)

But with indecent haste and a total absence of shame all round, Blair brought Mandelson back into the Cabinet a few months later.

1999, The shadow home secretary has accused the government of "sleaze" after reports that former paymaster general Geoffrey Robinson has photographs of a senior Cabinet minister in a "compromising position". The photographs are said to show the minister - who has not been named - embracing a younger person, who could be a teenager.

2002, Spin doctor Jo Moore and transport department press chief Martin Sixsmith have both quit their jobs. "A good day to bury bad news".
2003, Iraq invasion; Blair lied in build-up to Iraq invasion, claims Clare Short. ,

2004 LABOUR EMAIL SMEAR SHAME; Humiliating apology over search for dirt on rail crash survivors.

Also in 2004, Tories raise stakes over NHS 'fiddle' - 22/12/03Straw accused of covering up Libya weapons seizure - 18/01/04Kinnock faces censure over EU 'slush fund' - 25/01/04Minister admits strike death secret - 27/01/04Immigration checks 'were waived' - 08/03/04 Officials turn blind eye to immigrants as ministers massage figures on East European migrants

I refer you to an excellent web record of Labours' sleaze, No one thinking of voting labour should do so until after visiting this site.

Despite this damning indictment of their years in power and as the shredders in Downing Street burn out on a daily basis, this lot might yet cling to power. Should they do so, I dread to think of the consequences. It won't be much consolation sharing a gulag with Labour supporters telling me they never realised how bad it would become!