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Sunday, 4 April 2010


Am I Likely To Be Ostracised?

The desperate Labour Party machine produced today a "secret" recording of comments by Chris Grayling in which he is reported to have said B&B private houses ought to have the right to refuse gay couples visiting.
Well, why is a minority grouping allowed so much say in how I am supposed to think, act and indeed behave. I support the de-criminalisation of homosexual behaviour and understand the broad issues of why some bloke and some women have a need to enjoy sexual acts in house, as it were!
However, the overwhelmingly major issue here is that this behaviour is not the natural way to go about procreation and thus becomes no more than self-indulgence. A trait common to all human beings, including those who engage in sexual behaviour regardless of any emotional fallout. Ergo people are stupid at times when it comes to responsibility, decency and morality.
I cannot understand how gay people seem to have a disproportionate need to flaunt their dysfunctional behaviour and almost claim a moral superiority over others. The Catholic and other church denominations have always attracted strange individuals with a collective need to hi-jack an agenda. I failed to understand how such people were able to gain a bullying and unpleasant control over organisations until gay rights became an overt political issue. I will end this post with a slogan, when I get there. However, I am beginning to wonder how long it will take the PC brigade to ease peadophilia into a similar status as they have achieved with homosexual rights, positive discrimination et al? Already we are expected to believe that evil is only caused through disadvantage, corruption a mere flirtation with power. Well, I have reached a stage in my life that bridges all of the post war era. I am supposed to consider myself a dinosaur for the following views. Capital punishment is undesirable but sometimes necessary; corporeal punishment not acceptable as a last resort, elevation by merit somehow wrong. You can add your own feelings should you care to. The Europeans do much better than we Brits. Their kids are well behaved, their elderly well loved and nurtured. It can be done. One thing is for certain, the modern UK is flawed and has achieved very, very little. Socialism is a curse not a help. People must be free of such state pandering to legions of minorities, I want my Country back.
My slogan; If you are gay, black, immigrant or feeling deprived or a socialist, live with it or do something positive instead of blaming me!


  1. Who would want to ostracise you for your beliefs? I won't be persecuted for mine either.

  2. I've never heard a single gay, black, disabled, immigrant, old, or female person blame you for their unfortunate state of not being white, male, straigh and middle class, not ever in my whole life.

    Not once.

  3. Hi, both, perception is everything!

  4. Iain Dale is banging on about this over at his place. Outraged, he is, that a pair of homosexuals can be turned away from a B&B.

    Outraged, he is, that people think he, Dale, bangs on too much about his homosexuality on his blog. All upset, he was. Heigh-ho.

    OR, you say that "I cannot understand how gay people seem to have a disproportionate need to flaunt their dysfunctional behaviour and almost claim a moral superiority over others....."

    That is the point, isnt it? Homosexuals seem compelled to want to proclaim their homosexuality in an almost evangelical way,, REQUIRING others to accept their behaviour as normal.

    They've got what they want - more than equal rights, lots of representation via the taxpayer through Stonewall, homosexual "pride" marches, publicity through the likes of Graham Norton, Winton, Gates (deceased), Will Young.

    Now, how about they leave heterosexuals to get on with their lives, and if they don't want homosexuals and their activities in their house, they just fuck the fuck off out of it?

    Victims, all.

  5. Gays are like hurricane storms, we all know they're a natural phenomenon but we also know they're not the everyday NORM. Some of us are more happy with normality than rampant destruction.

  6. Scratch the conservative surface and all kinds of latent prejudices emerge.

    Just in time for a General Election

  7. "latent prejudices emerge."
    Nothing latent or prejudicial, moron. If you read the post carefully it is a reasoned argument for freedom of speech. Typical response to call dislike of mass immigration as racist, anti the Afghan war and killing, traitor. I just feel strongly on the matter as do my fellow posters. As for prejudice, try visiting a working man's club and mince about.

  8. In my hazy past - I recall researching the influence (often unwarranted and inappropriate) of minorities in gaining health care representation and advantage by being consistently antagonistic towards what was (is?) the powerless and loosely focused majority. Their consistent ability to portray the majority as unreasonable places them as the norm and the majority as deviant.
    Some say, in fact, that history is nothing more than a continual record of minorities gaining power often through the minority of one!

  9. In today's Britain this "minorities gaining power often through the minority of one!" might well be applied to Mandleson?