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Thursday, 8 April 2010

When do we get some reality?

If All The Parties Are So Clever.....

Claim and counter claim, shouts of "Only we can do better" are getting very annoying after only two days. Let's look at some facts. Glimmers of economic good news are just the billions of printed notes being thrown around. A mini-boom will occur only to be followed by even worse inflation. Then what's left of people's wealth and savings will collapse unless austerity is introduced in a war against profligate debt. Only one party has 13 years of recent power to look carefully at. It's not a pretty sight. Particularly the drunkenness, drug taking and selfishness all around. Then there are the spy cameras, police tax inspectors, huge tax burden. Labour have used trillions of extra income to government and squandered it in gerrymandering a behemoth of a bureaucracy, mass immigration and the biggest burden of debt even in wartime. We mustn't forget ill equipped troops sent into illegal wars and Taliban death traps and the unhappiest period ever.
The Conservatives have a mountain to climb through bear traps of vote fraud, Labour placements and a paraphernalia of hidden resources. Not least Union political and financial might. Just remember, if they get back in, the self-made, responsible savers, home owners and legacy hopefuls will be shafted to fund yet more state control, cameras and enforcement officers. Remember "tax on views"? "Tax on gardens"? They are very much on the agenda. A decent life carved out of the misery of Labours' Britain will be a thing of the past. Well other than for the Peter Pederasts and Phony Tony's of this world.
There is only one hope. Destroy Labour as a political force by voting Tory. You may not like it but you will hate the future if you do not. Well, unless you are a benefit professional receiver of others' work and forced largess.

This is coming if you vote Labour. Tories might not do it. I hope they pledge not too.


  1. Like you I feel swamped already. More of the same just so as Brown can tax us more to keep his party's voters in the benefit style to which they've become accustomed?


  2. I would like some hard hitting, fearless truth, Subrosa. Not much chance, I suppose. Just fiddled tractor stats from Labour, and timid (for good reason, I suppose) Tory stuff.

  3. As someone who has actually read Keynes, indeed if you fling enough fiat money at the economy as it moves around it will lever up some figures. The trouble is sorting out the consequences when the full effects of this become apparent.

  4. Demetrius, wise as ever. Bit beyond the labour brain, though.