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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

What to expect from the next Labour Dictatorship.

  • "Provisions for the management of inefficient police forces to be taken over by efficient forces. "Where service is not good enough, it will be taken over by the best."; By Labours' storm troopers, more like.
  • "Simultaneous referendums on a new voting system for the Commons and a 100% elected second chamber."; Vote only available to Labour members!
  • "A national youth service alongside votes at 16."; Hitler Youth!
  • "Rights for football supporters to take over football clubs."; Populist clap trap.
  • "A living wage of £7.60 in Whitehall, funded by a cap on the salaries of the most highly paid public sector employees." Plus a cap on private sector wages to fund Labour placements.

What is not there.

More mass immigration.
Higher taxes on gardens and views.
No top jobs in the police, teaching or NHS for non-card carrying people.
State control of everything.
Abolishment of the Monarchy.
Higher taxes on fuel.
euro membership to hide inflation.
Restricted travel.
State control of everything.
Mortgage rates of 9%+
Saving rates of zero continued.
EUSSR statehood.

Any further horrors? Ed balls as Chancellor, Snotty as Supreme Ruler, Mandy as Minister for Children? Just imagine, in a few weeks time this could be fact!


  1. More dead and maimed soldiers whoever gets in?

  2. "Provisions for the management of inefficient police forces to be taken over by efficient forces"

    Shouldn't that read:
    "Provisions for the management of efficient police forces to be taken over by inefficient forces"?

    Much more ZaNu Labour.........

  3. titus-aduxas, in the unlikely event ballot rigging and spin get Labour back in I suspect the police will be turned even more into an army of state control.