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Friday, 23 April 2010

What next?

Two more weeks.

As I listen to Labours' press conference I despair of the lies and obfuscation of these two. That Clegg has this disproportionate popularity that will let these two charlatans stay in power is terrible. Maybe and I'm not hopeful, the sheer nastiness of these people is and will be recognised come the real vote. For sure, vote yellow get Brown is so, so, true.


  1. none of the above23 April 2010 at 11:18

    Watching the 2 debates I can see that there's actually no choice for anyone wanting real change in the UK. The three main parties want to stay in the EU, stay in Afghanistan ,keep nukes, believe in the global warming scam and want to keep the House of Lords.
    Any alternative view is not allowed to speak or is ridiculed whenever they are given a chance to speak ( SNP, UKIP, bloggers etc).
    So it's all a facade of democracy and we're being conned yet again.
    As a disenfranchised UKIP supporter with an axe to grind against the 3 parties I'd say Clegg is the most barking mad with his amnesty proposals for 800,000 illegal immigrants ( he must know what happened in Spain where they tried that).
    Cast iron has been incredibly incompetent and obviously isn't fit to govern. Reneging on promises even before he was elected is bad enough but going on about fairness while parachuting in his preferred options for candidates into unwilling constituencies is deceit of the highest order. Being unable to beat the gorgon in a debate where he should be battering the lies of Labour shows very poor backroom planning and an insight into how they would govern.
    The gorgon has just been himself. Lie and obsfucate until he is found out then waffle to get out of the problem. Banging on about cast irons £6Bn 'out of the economy' while he borrows £500m a day just to keep things ticking over should have been Cast irons main target but for some reason cast iron can't hit an open goal.
    All very sad.

  2. NOTA, an excellent post. Thank you. I am very much in agreement with all of your words. It is indeed all very sad. However I am supporting and hopeful of a good Tory win and if Clegg and his bunch can relegate Labour to below 20% even better. Were this unlikely scenario to unfold then other parties might well be able to begin to flourish as well. A hung parliament will not be good.

  3. I honestly don´t know how anybody can still vote for labour. I find it difficult to believe that anybody could have sat in that audience without physically attacking Brown. NOTA is correct, we are so f*cked!

  4. With the greatest respect, could we have prettier picture? The head of Medusa perhaps?

  5. Dave parachuted one of his buddies into Quentin Davies' seat in Grantham and Stamford. A guy named Nick Boles.

    I must say I'm beginning to despair. Why doesn't Dave get off his arse (as he could have done in the past) and attack, attack, attack.

    And when they're on the floor...put the bloody boot in.

  6. Demetrius, the picture is meant to give hope to despair! Sue, all the occupants of the worst sink estates in the land must be cloned by Labour at birth. Cato, I wonder if the outcome just might put more egg on the MSM faces than DC got on his shoulder?