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Thursday, 22 April 2010

We Must All Be Ashamed.

May I Humbly Suggest Why?

This evening is to be another media fest with a second leaders' "debate". Anyone who thinks the last stage managed crap was a debate is too illiterate to know the meaning of the word. Back to the one today. As they all three posture on the stage and before a world wide audience not one of these men will have the cojones to suggest a referendum on "In or out of Afghanistan". As our troops do what they do so well and die or suffer horrific injuries, nothing will cut to the emotion of this wasteful and unwinnable conflict. Our rights as citizens to force a decision will be fobbed off and yet again the ruling elite wannabees will not face serious scrutiny.
Our shame and shared guilt is this. Press and any outside interested parties have been silenced for the duration of this phony election circus. We are denied any knowledge of how the Musa Quala operation is proceeding and I rather suspect any fatalities may also be hushed up. As our forces sweat, toil, languish and die this bloody farce is allowed to hog the headlines as we are all given a metaphorical pat on the head. That is in addition to Snotpicker Supreme's devious disenfranchisement of your vote. Well, any troops who just might pick up this post, the politicians may be ignoring you but I, and many thousands like me are not. Sadly, we too get swamped by the powerful forces that now control us all. Truth is we need you back home more than you can possibly realise. God bless and hope you keep safe.


  1. Our troops are just numbers to Labour. More of them stuck overseas the fewer to vote against them.

  2. War is Peace! the 1 o'clock news said that "Britain's borrowing debt was the largest in peace-time history" Peace-time, eh?

  3. Richard has it right, The War had disappeared from view behind all the delayed holidaymakers. My worry is that this summers events could turn out badly.

  4. Not much news about Afghanistan at the moment is there? Has it suddenly became peaceful in that godforsaken country?

  5. Our Government has decreed no coverage. Search my blog.

  6. none of the above24 April 2010 at 02:36

    My partner has her son in Afghanistan. Keeps in touch on skype and by e mail. When I was in the mob it was one free bluey a week ( airmail letter) so things are getting better. She has to send him the usual luxuries of socks, talc, cotton buds, sun lotion, bug spray and sweeties. While Cleggie, cast iron and the gorgon suck at the taxpayer teet our troops still do heroics in a hostile dangerous territory.
    Shame on us for voting Tory, Labour or Lib Dems.