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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Vote Yellow Get Brown!

Check Out The Unreality.

I'm an Oldrightie because I have earned the right through experience and life in general. I have perused a few of Clegg's promises. So much for promising that which you cannot hope to deliver. Cameron and Osborne seem like elder statesman in this when compared to the mish- mash of a yellow manifesto that draws from the other two documents by Labour and The Tories. There can be little doubt a coalition shopping list is already drawn up and Clegg will hold a pistol to Labours' head which Snotty will jump at as high as requested to hold the trappings of power. The euro would be one of the first moves, nuclear power the next and joining a Pan-European police and military very close behind. Just check out the facts of their manifesto, scary!!

We will not waste taxpayer subsidies on nuclear
power and we will block any plans for dirty coal power stations.

A zero-carbon Britain – We are the first party to aim for a carbon neutral Britain so we
don't contribute at all to global warming - making the British economy carbon neutral
overall by 2050, reducing carbon emissions in the UK by over 40% of 1990 levels by 2020
as a step on the way.

Share the security burden through more defence co-operation with allies – European
countries need to work together more effectively on defence and security. There are huge
savings to be made by buying in bulk and sharing military assets. With the defence budget
under terrible strain, it would be irresponsible not to do this.

The Euro – Liberal Democrats believe that it is in Britain’s long-term interest to be part of
the Euro.

Vote Yellow get Brown.


  1. That the Lib-Dems will let Labour back in may appear so from the first debate, but is not likely. Consider 3 things.
    1. The Lib-Dems have a long-held ambition to replace Labour as the party of the left.
    2. Their Manifesto on economic policy is to the left of Labour, but without the authoritarian bits like ID cards.
    3. Nick Clegg recognizes there is a structural deficit of £70bn.
    Clegg has only to drive home the message that a Labour government is responsible for the huge cuts in public services (the recovery taking care of much of the cyclical bit) and the Labour end up in the low twenties. The Left will either stay at home or vote Lib-Dem. After the election Labour tear themselves apart, so the Lib-dems consolidate their power.

    Like Dan Hannan, we should drive home that most of the future pain is due to Gordon Brown, and not the recession.

  2. OR, do you think you could cross-post this to me please? x

  3. With a Labour/Lib Dem Coalition you will get two disasters for the price of one.

  4. Demetrius, yes. MBC, I totally agree but am still concerned. Subrosa, thank you, will do