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Monday, 5 April 2010

The Time Is near!

I Wonder If We Will, At Long Last, See The Back Of This Nightmare?

One thing is for sure, if soundly thrashed and he fails to rig the ballot, he will skulk away to some third world hole. Assuming they would want him, of course. Standby for the most mendacious bunch ever to run an election campaign. One thing which will be required is a sanitation squad for that bunker!

Cameron, you have so much ammunition, use it! Your Country needs you to make a start at saving it.


  1. Once he leaves the Palace tomorrow isn't he no longer Prime Minister? I've forgotten the rules.

  2. he will skulk away to some third world hole.What !!! he is not going back to he !!!!

  3. Captain Haddock6 April 2010 at 10:55

    And after the sanitation squad have rendered the place safe for ordinary, decent human beings to enter ..

    It should (like Churchill's War Rooms) be preserved as a monument to the theft of Britain & our cultural identity by New Labour .. to serve as a reminder for all time ..

  4. Captain, the biological suits would be financially prohibitive for tourists.

  5. Well said OR. Like you I've been waiting for years to get rid of him. At last he has run out of time and had to hand in the keys this morning. Lovely!
    Now we trust in the British public to do its part and be shut of him forever.


  6. Roy, I do hope so. I am still fearful of the Labour machine's rigging squad, though. They already have a grip on most pollsters.