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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Tax and lies!

Whammy after whammy, why do you all meekly take it?

Just look at this from 2005. Sound familiar? Look at the consequences.
The latest study (2005!), by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, exposed Labour promises not to raise tax as a 'sham'. Labour went into the 1997 and 2001 general elections pledging not to increase the standard or top rates of income tax. Tony Blair went even further in 1995 saying: "We have no plans to increase taxes at all." But while Labour has kept its pledge not to raise the rate of income tax, Chancellor Gordon Brown has devised dozens of alternative revenue-raising schemes. The most notable include an increase of 10 per cent in National Insurance contributions to raise money for spending on the NHS. Duty on a bottle of spirits has gone up by 19p since 1997, by 16p on a bottle of wine and £1.03 on 20 cigarettes. Council tax, meanwhile, has gone up by 70 per cent since Labour came to power. Mr Brown has also refused to raise income tax thresholds in line with increasing earnings.

After a further 5 years of "tax and spend"

"Lord Mandelson’s admission that taxes may have to rise as early as next year follows a near doubling of the income tax take since Labour came to power, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) figures show. Income tax took £69bn out of salaries and pay packets in 1997, but HMRC expects to raise £134bn in 2010. National Insurance Contributions (NICs) – a tax on income by another name – took less than £47bn out of pay 13 years ago, but will exceed £98bn in 2010, according to calculations by accountants Grant Thornton. Other taxes – such as stamp duty, council tax and capital gains tax (CGT) – have risen by even more."

The stealth, dishonest tax regime of Labour stinks. Look at fuel duty. A retain price attracts a VAT increase, a tax duty rise gets whacked with VAT. Tax on tax. Now you buy stuff out of taxed income, so your petrol has cost you 20-50% before you open the tank! Here's a very secret tax rise for the over 65s. Before April, if you reached your state pension age, you were entitled to an extra £57-62 per week if you were responsible for another person who was dependent on you, including a partner, sibling or child. That has quietly been removed. Many folk never knew it existed! How many more tax benefit has secretly been abolished, I wonder?

Whatever we say, think or do, it's the same old Labour, same old Snotpicker. Tax and spend, beg, borrow and steal. Where has all the money gone? I'll give you a clue,

Snotty says he's no longer "hurt" by criticism. Another way of saying "Stuff you" dear public.


  1. Scary numbers.

  2. Polls seem to show nobody cares. Mad and stupid Brits.