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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Shhhhhhhhhh, Afghanistan.

Labours' War Keeping Our Streets Safe?

Of the legion of failed policies, by Labour, over 13 years of profligate mis-rule, their inability to avoid terrible conflicts is the worst. With that dreadful and mentally deranged, unelected, so called Prime Minister doing secret deals with Gaddafi, banks and God knows what other deceit and nastiness, I just cannot understand why Labour seem blithely to stroll through an election quite oblivious to how much they are despised. Unless, of course, they have a cast iron scheme in place to ensure that they will win regardless.
Plus, of course, there is the blocking of any reports or news from the Afghan Front. Does anyone know if casualties will be hushed up for the duration of the election? Why, also, are the news and media happily accepting of the scandal all about us?

I really hope that they get severely punished and drag the bloody opinion pollsters with them.


  1. Even more worrying, Obama the fucking idiot is starting another war on terror. This time it's nuclear. Want to bet that this spreads to Europe and especially the UK?

    Just to keep us all in our place, we're getting a little restless and the powers that be, don't like it.

  2. Afghanistan is being ignored by all three parties. As is immigration and the collapse of our infrastructure through massive and uncontroled demand. Despicable campaigning, as ever.

  3. Strangely I was going to do something about Afghanistan today too OR but it's hard to find info. The ban is certainly working. I'd dig around the foreign papers later.

  4. Subrosa, why, oh why is this election about anything and nothing we want debated and challenged? Mass immigration, collapse of public services in places like Peterborough, the economic mess.