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Sunday, 18 April 2010

See what Yellow Brings Back!

Vote Yellow Get Brown and His Henchmen!

What a dreadful time for The Tories these past few days. If Cameron turns this around he will be a truly great PM. If not, it will be taxation to hell and no coming back. Council tax, National Insurance, death tax, pension tax.....
Need I go on?
I am heartily sick of the media frenzy by smug, well paid hacks and sycophants whose own salaries and pensions seem utterly foolproof. I just pray they all get it wrong on the day. I am not hopeful, sadly.

"A Future feared By All" is a definitive factor if you vote Labour back, even if via Clegg the conman. Or is that Churchill? Stupid comparison, all Clegg has ever done is be paid huge sums from the taxpayer. A career politician and a man even more desperate to be an EU President than Blair was.


  1. Labdem coalition18 April 2010 at 16:44

    Not sounding confident oddrightie are you?

    Looks like Cleggs surge has turned the tide for the Labor/Lib Dem coalition forces.
    No 10 is and will remain a Conservative free zone

  2. No, I'nm not sounding confident. However I still see a significant win on May the 6th as the enormity of a Liebordum coalition reaches peoples' senses!

  3. Two more debates to go yet OR.

    It seems so strange to me that Clegg has been almost deified for appearing on the most undemocratic "debate" I have ever seen.

    Nothing of any substance from the man, it seems as though those who took part in the polls are happy with an average performance from him on the telly. Perhaps people are cottonning onto the fact that it's Buggins turn, and are kicking over the traces. Shame it wasn't Farage or Griffin who were in Clegg's shoes.

    I'd have paid good money to see a debate with either of those two as participants.

  4. Do you honestly believe Cameron is any different from Clegg or Brown? All three are puppets and muppets.

  5. Floppy, I have read all three manifstos avidly. Trust me, do the same. The Tories offer something different. The other two more tax and spend. Simples.

  6. OR, the problem being of course that manifestos from the main 3 are worthless pieces of spin. Get with the times.
    If they were legally binding then great. Cameron still doesn't know if he wants a referendum on Europe and because he doesn't know, we don't know what he wants. Actually, Cameron doesn't want a referendum on Europe, he's just too scared to tell people that. He knows the slower, simple people who haven't woken up yet will realise that the 3 main parties ARE ALL THE SAME.