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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Prime Minister.

As Often Seen In Private.

I have always despised this man as a sanctimonious and deluded bully. I've mocked him, berated his incompetent Chancellorship and bemoaned his destruction of my life's pension savings built up by sheer hard relentless graft. His sidekicks in corruption, sleaze and an arrogant disdain for all of us less fortunate, privileged or lacking in nepotistic favours are the nastiest type of human being imaginable. Mandleson, a more evil and disgusting pederast you could never meet. Prescott, a despicable abuser of employees and serial sex pest. Campbell, alcoholic lover of pornography and complicit accomplice to the death of a decent man in Doctor Kelly. It is an endless list of despotic but minuscule talent. Choose your own, it is a very long list.
Now my feelings are vindicated to the whole world. A staunch old Labour devotee has been trampled on by the elephantine ego and hubris of a nose picker. Dismissed as a bigot because she deigned to question his overwhelming greatness. Then, post these apocalyptic utterances by Snotty, we get the unedifying litany of spin and damage limitation. Mandleson says "he (Snotty) often says things he doesn't believe". So if he says don't push the nuclear button does he mean really push it? They continue to excavate this hole with a shovel woven together with soft aluminium lies.
Trust this moron with our future? He's destroyed the past he now wants to cremate the future. A plague on all Labours' ruling class. From Whelan to Harman, Balls to Prescott. Loathsome and bigoted cretins against any, any questioning of their supremacy.



  1. He's never believed a word he's said to us, OR, all he's ever believed is that he's a financial genius and can do no wrong!

    If that's the case..... why is it that everything he touches turns to shite?

    I hope he takes a long walk off a short pier or jumps from a high building without a parachute next Friday. ;-)

  2. I just replied, Spidey and the comment has disappeared!

  3. My reply to BS was that Mrs Duffy probably agrees with him!