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Friday, 16 April 2010

Post debate, Labour Look To Desperate Measures.

Is This Brown's Next Gamble?

My spies tell me Jimmy was so pleased with his natural and brilliant TV appearance he has decided to be totally true to his nature and character and appear at the next debate just as he has so loved performing in his bunker. His butler, (still paid for by us?) is being readied to assist his preparation prior to the next debate. SKY box office are considering a £100 pay per view strategy, not, however, featuring aroma vision.

Off topic, Labour have yet to find a replica site for a substitute bunker. Dobbin is having to be transported in the boot of Jimmy's car. If you carefully check out the convoy footage you can spot a laundry van, in close attendance, as well.


  1. I will view the footage in slow motion later. Mind you I know you wouldn't tell me porkies... ;)

  2. They'll need to do something at 24%!!!!

  3. Is it blogger or some other interference that is failing to show number of comments correctly?

  4. Love the pic!!