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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Poll Bias.

Am I alone in noticing only one pollster that is consistent and that is Angus/Reid. All the others are pounced on with glee when inevitably favourable to Labour and very muted when not. I look forward to the big day and God willing, hundreds of people staggering around with omelettes stuck to their faces!
Not least after two days of the gurning snot muncher everywhere.


  1. I suggest that May 6th will see a lot of egg spatter, too.

  2. They are so trying to talk up a hung parliament, too, OR, I'm totally fed up with all the biased polls and the whole campaign after just two days!

    And what's with all this American-style parading of the wives - that only started with Bliar and his own appalling harridan who the BBC and Sky insisted on calling the "First Lady"! If we have any First Lady, which we don't.... we're not a fucking republic, yet.... then that would be the Queen and not Bliar's old slapper!

    I wish we could just vote right now and just get rid of the big Brown turd - I don't think I can take a whole month of this utter, utter bollocks!